B L O O D B A T H 6 . 0

Bloodbath 6.0 is a multiplay/singleplay conversion for...

B L O O D B A T H 6 . 0

Bloodbath 6.0 is a multiplay/singleplay conversion for Shogo: Mobile Armor Division by Monolith Productions, featuring 17 new weapons.


B L O O D B A T H 6 . 0 -----------------------------------------------------------------


Files - Bloodbath6.rez, BB6Srv.exe, README.txt.

Installation - Extract Bloodbath6.rez into the Shogo custom directory (usually c:\games\shogo\custom), and BB6Srv.exe into the main Shogo directory (usually c:\games\shogo).


What is Bloodbath?------------------------------------------------------------------------


Bloodbath 6.0 is a multiplay/singleplay conversion for Shogo: Mobile Armor Division by Monolith Productions, featuring 17 new weapons. When designing the sixth version of this mod, I put a lot of thought into what went behind Shogo gameplay, and it comes down to one thing: anime. Excessive violence and blood and (almost) absurdly huge, flashy weapons was what I came up with as being the most "anime-ish" thing I could improve Shogo with. Descriptions of all of the new weapons are below:


OF Weapons


The Katana-

You know it. You love it. The Katana: it's not just for Mechs anymore.

The Laser Rifle-

The pistols were cool. Kinda like John Woo. But don't you want to start off with some real firepower? That's where the laser rifle come's an early prototype weapon currently in developement. It's not very accurate, but it's rate of fire more than makes up for that.

The Boom Stick-

A highly modified spacecraft construction tool. Originally an overpowered rivet gun, the Boom Stick has been retooled to fire shrapnel filled shells. Sure, it looks a little funny, but you can clear a room out real, real fast.

The Chaingun-

Usually, this gun is mounted on helicopters. Made of a lightweight aluminum alloy, the Chaingun shoots a light flechette shard powered by a large powder charge.It can, and will, cut people (just about anything, actually) in half. However, it eats ammo faster than Sonic the Hedgehog on crack.

The Sniper Rifle-

It's big. It fires slow. But, my god, is it accurate. Designed specifically for long range assasination. The rounds are hollow, and filled with buckshot suspended in liquid teflon, an ammunition originally designed in the late 20th century called "Glaser" rounds. It cuts through body armor like butter, much less human bodies.

The Energy Hose-

Originally called the "Rapidfire Energy Grenade Delivery System", this weapon was quickly christened the "Energy Hose" by the field testers. It was built to fire off grenades at a fairly unhealthy speed, and then was tweaked by the Testers to speed it up some more. Do not use in close quarters.

The Kato Pistol-

It's small and easy to hide. It also fires Kato Grenades. The grenades were made a little more stable than before in the process of shrinking down the technology required to fit into the pistol. They move a little quicker now, and they last a little longer. With it's faster-than-safe rate of fire, it's almost easier to kill yourself with the Kato pistol than your opponent.


Work continues on the highly successfull Matter-Antimatter Conversion Emmiter. No one but the higher-ups in Shogo know quite how this weapon works. Here's what's obvious: it shoots cars. It shoots them very fast. Commonly called the "Toyota Gun" by field testers.

The Voodoo Doll-

No one knows what it is or how it works. But it works, and it kills. Say a little incantation and you lay a little bit 'o the Holy Whoopass on the target. Don't use it too often, though, because the smoke makes it hard to see.


MCA Weapons


The Bolter-

Highly modified Pulse Rifle. Still in the experemental stages, it's offical designation is the Concentrated Plasma Emission Device (or, the C-PED). Some of the testers have taken to calling this weapon the Bolter, mostly because the name just sounds cool.

The HV-Laser-

Just like the Laser Cannon everybody knows and loves, only it's rate of fire has been drastically improved (thus the High Velocity designation).

The Heavy Spider Cannon-

It's big. It's heavy. An experimental weapon from the boys in the Labs. Basically a big cannon designed to fire Spider mines at a rate much faster than the Good Lord intended. The mines are set to wait longer to explode, and a heavier propellant charge is used, speeding up delivery. Now it's that much easier to wipe out a small villiage in less than a minute flat.

The Bullgut Mark Two-

A prototype projectile weapon based on one of the Shogo corporation's finest weapons, the Bullgut. Features include a much tighter missle formation and better range.

The SG-6-

The Slug Gun Mark 6 is a mild departure from the stantard military MCA issue Sniper Rifle. With spent uranium slugs for ammunition, and a higher rate of fire (even in zoom mode), this is perhaps the Sniper Rifle of the future.


The Rapidfire High Velocity Cannon. Designed around the same concepts used for the infantry Chaingun weapon, the RHVC fires spent uranium pellets at a, like the name says, rapidfire rate. Provides a nice splash area of damage with shrapnel, both from the RHVC round and from the envioronment.

Barbie's DreamShredder-

Adding 6 emitters and the accompanying energy generators, the Beta Design Shredder (or BDS for short) is a mixture of the Shredder and a shotgun. Almost 30% bigger than the original Shredder, this design is holding up nicely. However, the protoype BDS's are pink, and most of the feild testers have named this weapon the Barbie DreamShredder because of it.

The APA-5-

An Antimatter Particle Accelerator. Based loosly on the design specs for the Red Riot, the APA-5 offers a tighter damage radius and about half of the destructive power than it's famous cousin, making it a much more popular weapon for when you need to destroy a city block quietly.


Improvements over 5.0


Weapons now appear as powerups and are shown in the player models hand, rather than just being POV models.

Some of the lag problems taken care of due to changing the sounds of certain weapons (the Juggernaut was NEVER meant to be fired at the rate of 3-4 rounds a second).

Improved firing animations for the Voodoo Doll.

All weapons fire in zoom mode (and all weapons have zoom mode).


Known Bugs---------------



For some reason, some of the weapon skins do not display on most custom maps (this is not a problem with the retail DM/SP maps and the Shogo Six Pack DM maps).

Overuse of the Voodoo Doll creates A LOT of lag (for obvious reasons).

Some of the weapon vectoring is off (to be fixed in the next Bloodbath).

Weapon vectoring is WAYYYYYY off in Low Detail (not in Medium or High). (again, to be fixed in the next Bloodbath).




Monolith for creating Shogo (even though they've pretty much abandoned it...and I'm not counting the 2.3 patch 'cause I82 pretty much already did that), PlanetShogo, the Gamespy Network, the Shogo Community, Bunghole, Smoth, Koala, all the peeps in #shogo (on the various servers :-), Drestin (for running both the IRC and a Bloodbath server for awhile), the Ghost Clan, Nova and Dooball (for hooking me up with the constant posts to PS), Veg ('cause you tha man), everybody who ever ran a Bloodbath dedicated server, all the mappers, and anybody else I forgot (you know who you are :-).

And also, a great big fuck you to Kell Dragon. I'M lazy? Where's YOUR code?


The Bloodbath Team--


Wraith ([email protected]) - Head programmer, designer, and skinner.

Spectre ([email protected]) - Playtester, promotions :-), original concept.

Ghost ([email protected]) - Playtester, programmer.

Smoth - THE map/skin man.

Send any bugs you find to me, Wraith.


[email protected]

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