La Tale Online Client (Free Game)

La Tale's whimsical art style and detailed 2D worlds bring a...

La Tale Online Client (Free Game)

La Tale's whimsical art style and detailed 2D worlds bring a lighthearted touch to the MMORPG genre, and have won it a large following in Asia. Simple gameplay and intuitive quests make La Tale accessible for players of all ages, while a large, immersive world promise hours of entertainment.

Recently La Tale has had a huge update, Hell's Door. This is v5.0 of the client!

After passing through an endless passage, a space shuttle has been found at very top of Bifrost. Finally getting on the space shuttle with a feeling that I'll finally see Iris when this space shuttle arrives at it's destination. This destination that we're headed to has been separated from Jiendia continent, the abandoned colony of Asgard.

There was tribe called Asu, where they lived at Midgard, and it was their residence area since long ago. After hundreds of years of space travel, they finally arrived at Jiendia. Those who got off from space shuttle didn't want to harm the inhabitants of the planet so they decided to pick an appropriate place to settle down to sustain themselves and explore the surrounding area.

As a result, people who were in hibernation could have started wakening up. However, they forgot how to fly through space and it became a space city that connected to Bifrost orbiting the other planets.

Once, it connected outer space to Jiendia and was mainly used for trade, also many travelers from different planets visited the area as well.

Now many people have left there to Midgard which left the place empty. The reason that people left is unknown to anyone, but one thing can be certain, 3 years ago, there was a huge battle with Iris's companions and the devil king, the Beast.

The internal system found, [Wiglard] was for dimension shifting. The system here was found to be broken and thus, Asgard became unstable dangerously interfering with other worlds.

The monsters started to appear from a break in space-time but were stopped [Hell's Door] that is in entrance of Wiglard. However, the door wasn't perfectly sealed in a certain spot, monsters keep approaching, theatening Asguard. Throughout Asgard system guardians and monsters are battling it out.

Players that go through [Hell's Door] to meet Iris in Wiglard.

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