The PG Bot

The so-called "Pretty Good Bot" is the third bot in the...

The PG Bot

The so-called "Pretty Good Bot" is the third bot in the Botman series. It's a modified Gump Bot that has increased weapon intelligence, a more restricted field field of view, more human-like (imperfect) qualities, and more.

- will only see things in its field of view (i.e. it doesn't have eyes in the back of its head)

- will target an enemy and keep targeted on that enemy until the enemy is dead or has gone out of the bot's field of view

- can now navigate ladders properly

- will turn and run towards items that it can see (weapons, ammo, etc.)

- will periodically pause for a second or so every once in a while; this will allow you to use the crossbow or zoomed-in 357 on it if you're quick enough

- occasionally, after it kills the enemy, it will give a little "jump for joy"

- the bot weapon firing code was modified to make it a little more "human-like". Previously the weapons could be fired at the maximum rate for the selected weapon and most human players can not click the mouse button quite that fast.

- the roaming (navigation) code for the bot is still pretty random. If the bot gets stuck somewhere it randomly turns between 10 and 30 degrees and tries to move again.

- the "observer" mode console command also exists in the Pretty Good Bot.

Known Problems:

- The bots don't know how to navigate in water. (Like shooting fish in a barrel!)

- When a bot dies, its body will drop to the floor, but sometimes the body will "lurch" across the floor a bit when the bot respawns.

- The bot doesn't know how to use weapons intelligently and will oftentimes blow itself up by using weapons too closely to other bots.

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