The Restauranteur Demo

The Restauranteur is a style management game where the...

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The Restauranteur Demo

The Restauranteur is a style management game where the player is in charge of a virtual Chinese restaurant. But being in charge of a restaurant can be quite a lot of trouble. Not only does the player have to take care of the ingredients' amount, but also buy the necessary equipment and decoration items at the right time. Furthermore, the player has to use their own creative potential to keep the business going and to keep an eye on the situation of the employees as well as the guests' needs. You also have to deal with the menu and a few other things to solve smaller and bigger problems as well.

The Restauranteur incorporates a playing mode which slightly differs from regular management games. The game has three main characters. If the player selects a different character, the result will also be different Due to the fact that every character has his/her own personal background the different requirements lead to changing results. If the player succeeds in a certain character, he/she can select another character and experience the game from a totally different perspective.

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