Team Fortress 2 - TEAMDOM Config

Team Fortress 2 - TEAMDOM Config

TF2 scripts for team^DOM^

I didnt write any of this. if it destroys your life, dont call me.

To Install//

drag and drop all files into your C/progamfiles/steam/steamapps/(account name)/teamfortress 2/ tf/ cfg folder


[u]Ducker[/u] K button to toggle duck mode on/off

[u] class announcer[/u] - this will help for twl class check - may be not so great in pubs . if we get alot of cryin' from people ill write 2 versions.

[u]AutoReload[/u] - by selection wepons with the 1,2,or 3 buttons autoload selects and de-selects, this script does not break stickybombs,needlegun, or scout pistol

[u] Chaingun Spin[/u] - Same as tribes toggle chain gun spin on/off with mouse 2

[u]Autoheal[/u] - mouse 3 auto heal

[u] Fireball[/u] - mouse2 toggles on/off flame thrower

[u]EZ Sniper[/u] - like in tribes hold mouse1 to zoom in , release to fire

[u]Rocketman[/u] - mouse2 super rocket jump and super stickybomb jump

[u] Quick Disguise[/u] - attack the auto re-apply disguise a.s.a.p

[u]Boomode[/u] - buttons 1-4 to build item shift + button 1-4 to destroy

[u] Upgrader[/u] - mouse 3 [b]hold [/b] swich to wrech and auto upgrade/repair [b]Release[/b] swicthes back to shotty

how to use class selector.

keypad - END = Scout

KP_downarrow = soldier

KP_ pgdown = Pyro

KP_leftarrow = demoman

KP_5 = heavy

KP_Rightarrow = engineer

KP_Home = Medic

KP_uparrow = Sniper

KP_pageup = spy

KP_Insert = Cleanup (this resets any keys your last config, need to do this between class's)


deadsoldiers body drops to the ground whenever you hit the insert button

Wepons must be selected with the 1/2/3 buttons to work with autoreload.

mousewheeling wepons can result in breaking of scout pistol, stickygun and needle gun.

this is easily fixed by useing the 1/2/3 button to reselect the wepon.