AnyNotes is a no-nonsense personal information manager (PIM)...


AnyNotes is a no-nonsense personal information manager (PIM) holding data in tree-like database of Folders and Notes. You can store texts, images, Internet bookmarks and pages, links to files and other notes, OLE objects. Main features are: triple-paned interface, one-click memorizing of data, very fast global search, strong cryptography, RTF and XML import/export, support of multiple accounts, integrated backup system, powerful print manager.

AnyNotes is a powerful yet easy-to-use personal information manager (PIM). Being a storage for any kind of fragmentary information, AnyNotes can be used to store snippets of text you found somewhere and ideas just came to you, business contacts and personal information, Internet bookmarks and full Internet pages, links to files and to other notes, images and OLE objects, and so on.

AnyNotes organizes data in a hierarchical (tree-like) database and supports two storage objects - Folders and Notes.

Unlike most PIMs, AnyNotes represents data in the triple-paned Explorer-like interface. The "tree" pane shows the expandable tree of folders. The "list" pane shows the contents of the current folder, including notes and subfolders. The "edit" pane shows the text of the current note and allows to edit it. The three-paned interface allows to easily deal with huge databases, representing them in a compact observable form.

The most important AnyNotes features are as follow.

One-click creation of a note holding the clipboard contents.

One-click creation of a note holding the web page along with its URL, title and the HTML-formatted contents.

Very fast global search by text context, dates or a set of attributes.

Two independent navigation systems: "backward" and "forward" steps, and the "recently visited notes" list.

Importing texts from Microsoft Word in RTF format and importing simple Excel sheets.

Bookmarking web page by dragging its URL from Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator and dropping it onto the AnyNotes icon in the Tray.

Protecting particular notes with a strong cryptographic algorithm.

Importing and exporting data in XML format in a configurable manner.

Creating multiple accounts and databases to support multi-user work.

Backing up data to a compressed file.

Powerful print manager with the multi-page preview ability.

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