The Demo-Level to a Horror-Scifi-3d-Shooter-Game, created...


The Demo-Level to a Horror-Scifi-3d-Shooter-Game, created with FPS-Creator.

Project "Nowhere" - DEMOLEVEL

This is the demolevel giving you the taste of a scary 3d-shooter game that is still under development.

When it´s done, the full version can be purchased at:

The full version will feature about 6 singleplayer-levels and a multiplayer-version of every sp-level.

I think, I will charge something around 10,- $ for the full version.


Story (in a few words):

The ASG-Corporation has managed to invent a dimensional-travelling-gateway.

Unfortunately, it was obviously not kept secret enough ... just after starting the first experiment - sending humans to the gates far side - some para-millitary troopers, assaulted the ASG-Corp.-complex, murdered the remaining scientists and aborded the experiment, leaving Dr. Steve Aston, the leading scientist, trapped in the other dimension.

It is unknown, who controls the hostile troopers, but it is obvious that they plan to use the interdimensional-gateway for their own evil purposes.

Your mission objective is to sneak into the complex, find the high security labs, reactivate the gateway, enter the other dimension and rescue Dr. Steve Aston (if he is still alive).

You have no kind of weapons in the beginning and stand against some heavily armed grunts, so be carefull.

The enemy-force has also managed to reprogram the ASG-service-bots. So these will also try to kill you on sight.

And to make thing even worse, something old and evil has already entered our dimension from the far side of the gate ...


After you have played the demolevel, please E-Mail me Your comments, suggestions, questions etc.

(mailto: [email protected] ) Thanks!

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