The Sims 3: Ambitions US Patch v4.0.87 - v4.2.32 (CD/DVD)

Update for The Sims 3: Ambitions, fixing several bugs and...

The Sims 3: Ambitions US Patch v4.0.87 - v4.2.32 (CD/DVD)

Update for The Sims 3: Ambitions, fixing several bugs and gameplay issues.

* Dead relatives will no longer appear alive in your Sims family trees while traveling to Egypt, China, or France

* Sketches your Sims create using the Drafting Table are now valued properly based on your Sima Painting Skill Level and related Profession Level

* Sims will no longer walk on water to view paintings placed on swimming pool walls

* Fixed an issue caused by saving the game immediately before having your Sim give another Sim a makeover

* Ghost Hunter Sims can no longer Show Off Banshee Banisher to child Sims

* Fixed issue that prevented players from Changing Active Household while in Edit Town mode

* Fixed issue that prevented Sims from fishing when certain seeds were in the Sim’s personal inventory

* Optimized memory usage when deleting lots via Edit Town mode

* Optimized memory usage for complex Sim homes created with Buy Mode

* Sims will now exit the police station when doing the Do Low Level Police Worker interaction when they are sufficiently stressed

* The game will no longer temporarily freeze when routing on and off home lots placed by players using the World Editor in Edit Town

* Sculptures on the Sculpting Station will no longer lose functionality when cancelling a drag interaction while in Buy Mode

* The Styling Station will no longer lose functionality when going to the Main Menu while performing a makeover on a Sim

* Kleptomaniac Sims are no longer able to steal the holes created by the Miner invention

* Users are no longer able to place lots on top of the sidewalks when using the World Editor while in Edit Town

* Sculptures completed by Sims will now function properly when players complete them at the sculpting station, then save and load the game.

* Fire Engines will now maintain all functionality after Sims drive them in Egypt, China, or France

* Fixed an issue that prevented Private Investigator Sims from completing cases with certain case steps

* Sims in the Firefighter and Ghost Hunter careers can now continue their careers after the household has been saved to the Library, then placed back into the neighborhood

* Fixed an issue that caused Sims to become invisible upon loading a saved game

* The Possession is 9/10 of the Lawaf Lifetime Wish now requires your Sim steal items worth the appropriate number of Simoleons before being completed

* Junkyards can no longer be purchased as Real Estate properties

* Content from The Sims 3 that is uploaded via The Sims 3 Ambitions version of the Launcher now functions appropriately

* Fixed an animation pop from the “Start Collecting!” interaction with the Harvester invention (63294)

* An upgraded Fire Extinguisher will now remain upgraded upon saving, closing, and loading the save file

* Fixed an issue that caused household members to disappear upon reloading a save file

* The “Intrigued by Great Lecture” moodlet now has an icon

* Neighborhood Sims that are not in the currently active household will now properly quit playing with the Sim Gnubb set

* Sims that catch on fire from the Invention Workstation can now have the fire put out when the firefighters are called

* Fixed an issue that caused Sim relationships to break when traveling to Egypt, China, or France

* The magical laundry bear Abracadabra will no longer block Sims from moving after disappearing

* Fixed a crash caused by setting the alarm for Self-Employed Sims

* Create-a-World will now work properly once The Sims 3 Ambitions is installed

* Small and Medium digital picture frames no longer float in the air after loading a save game

* Sims will no longer cheer at City Hall forever when switching active households after a celebration

* Holes created by the Miner invention can no longer be detonated or salvaged by inventors

* Magical gnomes from Ambitions will now behavior appropriately

* Fixed an issue that caused Sims to have broken or inappropriate hair styles after aging up

* Inventions sold at the consignment store will now count towards a Self-Employed Inventor Sim’s promotion

* Sim animations will no longer break when the “Offer Tattoo to…” interaction is used

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