Existence 1.2 - 1.3 Patch

This patch updates Existence from version 1.2 to version...

Existence 1.2 - 1.3 Patch

This patch updates Existence from version 1.2 to version 1.3.


1) Fixed crashing when joining a server.

2) Fixed telefragging (Spawning inside someone else).

3) Fixed chat bubble sticking when using cellphone (Removed).

4) Fixed white being casted as a civilian if joining after 90 seconds.

5) Weapons are now fully clientside.

6) Rebels/Agents don't get frags for killing swats/civs.

7) Fixed AK-47 allowed to be carried with another primary weapon.

8) Fixed bug where you would see a C4 backpack on all rebel models.

9) Fixed "Teams all full" bug.

10) Fixed bug where agents wouldn't get loadpoints for holding white for 3 mins.

11) Fixed Sprite: No such frame 0 errors.

12) Fixed randomly floating chat bubbles.

13) Fixed vulcan minigun's ammo counter.

14) Fixed FOV cheat.


1) Changed the cellphone's primary fire to buy guns and it's second to team_say.

2) If over 14 players join a server you can only be a spectator.

3) Blood won't spawn if you shoot a teammate.

4) Agents can't open the jail doors.

5) You now get 100 points for killing a Rebel/Agent instead of 50 points.

6) Losing team gets 1000 loading points instead of 500.

7) Weakend both vest types.

8) Radio menu times out in 10 seconds.


1) Added backround color on scoreboard for the person carrying the C4.

2) Scoreboard now displays who is a civilian and swat.

3) Added a spam fix for the radio commands.

4) Dr. White will now get back whatever gun he carries into the escape zone (has active).

5) Added 200 point bonus for living the whole round.

6) Now logging player suicides.

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