Myst III: Exile Patch v1.2

Here is version 1.2 for your Myst III: Exile...

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  • Program by Presto Studios

Myst III: Exile Patch v1.2

Here is version 1.2 for your Myst III: Exile puzzle/adventure game.

Myst III: Exile Version 1.2 Release Notes

This patch upgrades Myst III: Exile. This is the Windows patch only. The Macintosh 1.2 patch will be available soon. This patch will make the changes made by version 1.1 and version 1.2. To install the patch, download the appropriate file to your system, then run it to install the patch.

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Major Bugs fixed in version 1.2:

Fixed M3.exe bug that prevents the game from running on many PC graphics chipsets. The game can now be run in Software mode on Intel 740, 810, and 815 chipsets, Neomagic video cards, and SiS video cards, as well as some others. Please note that due to limitations of these cards, they cannot run the game in Direct3D Hardware mode. Hold down CTRL or CMD while starting the game, then select the Software rendering mode.

New Technical Support Information 1.2:

PCs with a Savage 3d video card may experience crashes running in hardware mode. A work around for this is to run the game in software to move past the problem area, save the game, and then load the saved game after restarting in hardware mode.

Major Bugs fixed in version 1.1:

Fixed bug that caused game to not recognize CD-ROM drives named to letters higher than "H".

Fixed bug that caused game to occasionally crash when the user skips out of the end credits by pressing the space bar.

Minor Changes in version 1.1:

Added sound effect subtitles in some areas of J'nanin.

Added "invert mouse Y-axis" option. Press CMD-I on a Macintosh and CTRL-I on a PC to toggle mouse inversion.

Fixed some small graphical glitches.

Gameplay Changes in version 1.1 (MINOR SPOILERS):

Clarified lever by Voltaic steam elevator so it can't be used to try to move the elevator down when it is on the bottom floor or up when the elevator is on the top floor.

Changed first location in Tomahna so Catherine will not start talking to you if you are looking at the ceiling or the floor.

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