U4E v2 for UT2k3 [UMOD]

Unreal4Ever's second public release for UT2k3 is here with a

U4E v2 for UT2k3 [UMOD]

Unreal4Ever's second public release for UT2k3 is here with a collection of eleven weapons! All of these weapons have completely new, high detail models, sound effects, and tons of cool features.

Version 2 weapons:

Quantum Singularity Generator (QSG, makes Blackholes)

Industrial Anti-Gravity Mover (IAM, pick up and throw people)

Fleshbomb Rifle (injects Exploding Serum into victim)

QuickSilver (shoots bouncing bolts)

Hive Grenades (releases a swarm of tiny homing missiles)


The U4E Berserker Mutator (Kill enough and becoming a fist wielding madman!)

And the new U4E Mod menu with Automatic Ammo Matching and Randomization

Plus Version 1 weapons:

Beretta (old 9mm friend, plus damage enhancer)

357 Python Magnum (6 Powerful rounds)

Bubblegun (Inflate and explode, or just trap for fun)

Railgun (Shoots and tracks people through walls)

Tomahawk (Portable Guided missile system)

Reaper (bouncing blade, thrown and controlled remotely)

Katana (Powerful Sword with mystical properties)

Gas Grenades (Green Toxic Gas)

Shrapnel Grenades (Vietnam-style Pineapple grenades)

Sticky Grenades (Clings to your enemies, explodes on contact with others)

Flying Grenades (Hovering, heat-sinking, messagers of death)

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