Driver Patch

Fixes a number of problems with the game...

Driver Patch

Fixes a number of problems with the game. See "more info" for a full list of changes.


-FMV playing twice, third part of the Grand Central Station mission.

-LA - Police car lights do not flash during final part of "Beverly Hills Getaway

-Credits, photos corrupted on D3d TNT.

-Interview training selecting view again causes player to appear in garage.

-Music Tracks do not loop.

-Tire tracks on TNT d3d causing crash.

-LA: texture issue on the side of a building.

-Take a Ride with Car selection cheat breaks replays.

-Pursuits - lose the lead car in a pursuit and the AI cars will behave erratically just before game pauses.

-ESC should be able to be used to pause when fast forwarding in Film Director.

-Film Director, selecting Tripod after in car view causes camera to be positioned in the car. -"Play Chase" demo broken if first save a replay from Mirror if activated switches on in pause mode on interview/training demonstrations.

-Newcastle level Pedestrians have corrupted textures under D3d on TNT.

-D3d TNT Fixes to Frisco.

-Film Director, Camera can readily be moved through buildings (This has been improved)

-Jean-Paul second half replay is erroneous.

-In survival mode, chase camera choices can be made on a police vehicle, which has pinged in. On rewinding that car is removed from the scene and the camera does erroneous things.

-Auto Director sometimes positions camera under the road surfaces.

-Camera locks to the particular camera type being used when PAUSED during Desert Training demonstration.

-Generating close-up cameras in various Quick Replays.

-Auto Directors starting camera is positioned outside of garage geometry in Interview Mode. -Auto Director places cameras through the walls.

-The routine is much improved however some marginal clipping might occur in confined areas as cameras pan and dolly.

-LA, under D3d TNT, some cars have corrupted textures.

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