Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 - Darkest Hour Mod Full Client Beta v1.2

Darklight Games is proud to unveil Darkest Hour Beta 1.0 a...

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Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 - Darkest Hour Mod Full Client Beta v1.2

Darklight Games is proud to unveil Darkest Hour Beta 1.0 a modification for Red Orchestra: Ostfront. After 18 months of develoment Darkest Hour brings the European Theatre of Operations to Red Orchestra focusing on the Normandy Campaign post D-Day.

Beta v1.1 This version is a Full client for Server and Single Players that fixes various bugs and glitches.

Beta v1.0 includes 3 new playable nations (with numerous new character models), Over 15 weapons, Over 10 new vehicles and 10 new battlefields to use them on.

Weapon and System Changes

03 October 2008

Major Changes

* Bipod on Bren, BAR and FG42 are now deployed with the "Deploy" key, rather than the IronSights key to prevent accidental deployment in combat. Ironsights key can still be used to undeploy bipod however

* Bazooka/Panzerschreck/PIAT accuracy increased drastically

* When switching weapons from the Bazooka/Panzerschreck, any loaded rounds are now returned to a players inventory rather than being destroyed

* The Bazooka/Panzerschreck class now starts with 1 initial rocket

* New weapon sounds for M1 Garand, Colt M1911, and all Allied vehicles

* Moved the ironsights away from the screen to increase view on the following weapons




-M1 Garand

-M1 Carbine

-Enfield No. 4

-Enfield No. 2

-Sten SMG

-Thompson SMG

-M3 Greasegun


Additional Changes

* BAR/Bren/FG42 can now cancel reloading with the bipod deployed by using the undeploy key

* Players can now resupply BAR/Bren with ammunition in the same way as an MG

* Front sight bar narrowed to provide more accurate aiming on the following weapons

-No. 4 Enfield

-M1 Garand

-M1 Carbine

* 30 Cal MG now has rear sight flipped down when deployed

* Springfield scope now has a plain crosshair

* Slightly reduced FG42 recoil while using the bipod

* Bazooka/Panzerschreck/PIAT now have a much smaller blast radius

* Bazooka sights are now set 100/200/300 yards, rocket speed and arc have changed accordingly

* Panzerschreck sights are now ranged for 100/150/200 metres, rocket speed and arc have changed accordingly

* PIAT sights are now set to 70/100/130 yards, projectile speed and arc have changed accordingly

* Players can now only resupply AT weapons once

* Higgins boat speed decreased

* Higgins boat tweaked to decrease chance of killing players standing in it, but who haven't "used" the vehicle

* Main Menu screen now displays current game version

Bug Fixes

* Position 8 in Higgins boat no longer has the same player viewpoint as position 7

* Players no longer fall through the floor when exiting a stationary Higgins boat

* Players attempting to exit the Higgins boat while it is moving no longer appear outside the boat

* Players exiting Higgins boat now appear in correct locations, rather than clumped on a single point at the back of the boat (halfway through the floor)

* Players exiting the Higgins boat no longer find themselves facing backwards or a random angle. They now always face the front (the exit ramp)

* Players' stance height now correctly adjusted when deploying the bipod on the BAR/Bren/FG42

* Fixed bug where a proned player could deploy a BAR/Bren/FG42, then stand up with the bipod still deployed

* No. 2 revolver firing animation no longer rapidly spins backwards after each shot

* BAR's fire mode switch animation now plays correctly when in iron sights

* BAR no longer plays cocking sound on non-empty reloads (when the bolt isn't worked in the animation)

* Panzerschreck/Bazooka/PIAT weapon image is no longer squashed out of proportion on the role selection screen

* Fixed a glitch where a PIAT could be fired twice without reloading

* PIAT bomb now appears correctly on the weapon after a reload when playing online

* Players can now only resupply MG weapons once

* Fixed numerous issues and inconsistencies with Bazooka/Panzerschreck resupply

* US Smoke Grenade sprint animation now starts correctly

* Fixed Map Voting window so chat box and vote counts display properly

* Fixed broken "In-Game Chat" (chat log) window

* Darkest Hour menus now display correctly after a player is disconnected from a server instead of stock Red Orchestra ones

Map Changes

Omaha Beach Dog Green Sector

* Removed east side of map to make fighting more concentrated

* Removed sections of wall around main beach bunkers to allow better line of fire for AT guns

* Added firing slots to main beach bunkers

* Objectives are now more linear

-1. Seawall Centre -> 2. WestBeachead -> 3. Crossroads -> 4. Church

* West Seawall is now an optional objective

* Crossroads is now the only recappable objective

* Axis spawn at west beach-head moved - They now spawn in the underground bunker with the rear exit, which has been enlarged

* Raised AT weapons for better line of fire.


* Redid Allied spawn areas and added minefields for spawn protection

* Added resupply points

Merville Battery

* Added door to Horsa to prevent people jumping out

* Added spawn protection to all spawn areas


Redid Axis spawns - There are now 2 FJ spawns in underground bunker until Gun 2 is lost, then 4 FJ spawns behind Gun 4.

Whact Am Rhein

All colisions removed from Trees - You can now shoot through them and hide in them.

Benouville Bridge

* Removed Allied anti-tank class. PIATs can still be picked up from gliders however

* Added one Allied sniper

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