Eternal Team Arena Public Beta 3

This is the third beta for Q3TA...

Eternal Team Arena Public Beta 3

This is the third beta for Q3TA. There is no update for this version because there's new graphics and shaders that you need, as well as all the gamemode configs have been updated. You can find details on the in the additional information section.

New Features:

New Survival gamemode

New Hunted gamemode

Updated gamemode configs


New Main Menu & Background, Map Rotations, Team Overtime, Random Maps, Head/Body model switching, Full awards logging for all games, Anti-spawn suicide timer, Awards on scoreboard, Miniscoreboard, Better Map Selection, Weapon Dropping, Rocket Jumping, Damage Indicators, Random Bots, Player Cloaking, Auto-Sentry Turrets, Crosshair in 3rd Person, Crosshair Stats & Targetter, Suicide Blast, Bloodtrails, Victory Podiums, Save/Load Configs, Better Model Management, Server Options, Map List View, Bot List View, Animated Model Viewer, Weapon Positioning, No Team Colours option, Disable items/weapons/powerups, Team coloured trails, Spawn Protection, Double Jumping, Trail and Explosion Particles Effects, Guided & Homing Rockets, Telefrag & Airfrag Rails, All Weapons are Fully Configurable, plus "Pick n Mix" type Gamemodes including InstaGib, Duel, Frenzy, Carnage, Sentry, Timebomb, Pain Factor, Full Load, Unlimited Ammo, Quad Whore, Practice, Vampire, Survival and Hunted.

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