Auckland Airport Scenery

Scenery for the Auckland airport and surrounding area...

Auckland Airport Scenery

Scenery for the Auckland airport and surrounding area.

Programs used


Airport 2.10 / 2.60 by Pascal Meziat, Tom Hiscox, and Brian McWilliams

Nova for Fs2000 by Rafael Garcia Sanchez

Paint Shop Pro 5 by Jasc



Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 Standard / Pro (this scenery only tested with FS2002 )

Airport 2.10 Textures

Nova Textures ( Download from Rafael's flight simulator design pages )

Nova Gold Textures ( Download from Rafael's flight simulator design pages )

This scenery was made and tested with the following hardware & software setup

AMD ATHLON 1.4 Ghz Cpu

Hercules GeForce 3 Video card

1024 megs of SDRAM Pc 133

SoundBaster Live 5.1 Sound card

( Frame rates of 19 - 40 Frames per sec )

Windows Xp Professional

Scenery Contents


This scenery covers all areas of the Auckland Airport. The general aviation ramp contains

buildings, hangers and static aircraft. The Domestic & International Terminal areas contain terminal buildings, 3d objects & static aircraft.

The Freight area contains 3D objects & static aircraft, and at the maintenance area you will

find hangers with static aircraft inside them and on the ramp areas. All areas have night textures

To save on frame rates some ground Aircraft are set to show if you have your Fs2002 set to

VERY and EXTEMELY Dence in the scenery complexity.

Thanks for downloading this airport scenery and I hope you enjoy using it.



Just extract the contents of this Zip file to your FS2002\Scenery directory eg. C:\FS2002\Scenery.

Once extracted, you should have a Auckland folder with 2 subdirectories being Scenery and Textures.

Please do not place Auckland in with my Wellington files if you have them installed, as the textures for Auckland have

been edited from Wellington & this will cause you some problems with Wellington Airport.

Your directory structure should look like this:






| |




Once you have done that, Start FS2002 and then:

1. Click on World.

2. Then click the SCENERY LIBRARY.

3. Click the ADD AREA button.

4. After you click the ADD AREA button, you will be automatically browsing your FS2002 root directory. Now it is time

to and then double click the SCENERY directory.

5. Now double click the AUCKLAND directory. Once you do that, you should see the Scenery and Texture


6. Type in AUCKLAND in the Scenery Area Title field (this is the name that will appear in your Scenery Library

Menu for easy identification for loading and unloading).

7. Click the OK button.

8. If you see AUCKLAND at the top of the Area List, click the Green Tick. If not, repeat steps 1-7.

9. The click on WORLD again.

10. Then type Auck in the Airport Name field.

11. You should see AUCKLAND Intl highlighted in the airport list - click the Green Tick.

You will have to change your AI Aircraft option to no more than 24%, as if you go past this point you will have AI Planes parked

across in the front of the gates.

Disclaimer & CopyRights


The author of this scenery cannot be held responsible for any damage (coincidental, perceived or otherwise) these

files may cause to your PC. This scenery is FREEWARE and may be distributed freely for non-profit, non-commercial purposes.

I do not wish to have this Scenery added to ANY CD-ROM or to any other package, which is sold commercially for profit.

No files may be added or removed to/from this package,so that it will remain the same.

You are also not allowed to modify any files already in this package.

Please give the author credit where appropriate when redistributing these files.

The author Shayne Butler holds copyright on this scenery.

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