Tzar: The Burden of the Crown - Earth Maps (Final version)

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Tzar: The Burden of the Crown - Earth Maps (Final version)

The fight of the super powers has begun! Fight in an amazing map created to look like the geography of Earth. Six super powers to choose from and only one goal... take over the world!

Version 2.0 (01/29/08)


1 TXT Document (Readme.txt)

2 WMP Files (Earth.wmp & Earthunknown.wmp)


A new power has arisen from the bottom of the world to challenge all who oppose.

The fate of the entire earth is in peril, this new kingdom will be the cause of the end of all things...


Here it is! Finally you can now play as any of the six continents (except for Antarctica).

However, if you wish to play as Antarctica; I have included the kingdom in the final version of Earthunknown.wmp.

The maps have been tested and have met the criteria of my objective; to create a playable map based on Earth's geography!

The Earthunknown.wmp was created to be a challenging and interesting map to test your ability to defend your allies and land.



I as the creator of these fun maps, stress that you be aware of your operating systems ability to run extremely large maps.

New or recent PC's should not have any problems at all, however, those of you running in Windows 98, 98SE, ME, or NT should

be warned that your operating system may not have adequate power and/or memory to run maps such as these.

Sorry for any inconvenience.



These maps were created for your own personal entertainment.

You may do what you please with these maps, however, please respect

the hard work put into these maps. And I hope you enjoy this new

addition to your collection of beautiful WMP files.



~Trooper91 a.k.a. Aaron Doull

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