Freelancer - MD's Rebalance

A rebalance of the classic starship shooter Freelancer,...

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Freelancer - MD's Rebalance

A rebalance of the classic starship shooter Freelancer, complete with new starship designs, weapons, and harder campaign modes.

This will install the full mod including the Rc4 changes.

In the .56 tradition this fixes more errors in the mod.

This release changes..

Added backin Multi Cruise speeds

Added backin Sellable Engines

Updated FLhook to new version

Added in Call sign options

Added in 1680x1050 Resolution template

Added in ENB Series graphics update (use shift+F12 ingame to toggle)

Updated the GLS workaround for less spew more connectivity :)

Fresh set of Surs for all ships.

Various ships setups had minor changes.

Removed Improved Nano / Shield bots from MP due to spew.

Changes to Engine speeds / powerusage for some setups.

Large ships should no longer have problems finding places to dock.

mod choices now stored in a file in Freelancer folder for refe

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