Thrones & Patriots Scenarios

These are two new scenarios for Rise of Nations: Thrones &

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Thrones & Patriots Scenarios

These are two new scenarios for Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots including maps entitled Skirmish and Missile both set in the Cold War era.

Extract contents of Zip file to the Custom folder within your Rise of Nations\Thrones and Patriots\scenario directory.

Default path C:\Program Files\Rise of Nations\Thrones and Patriots\scenario\Custom

For those without Admin rights, you can also unzip the files to:

C:\Documents and Settings\yourusername\My Documents\My Games\Rise of Nations\Scenarios

Afterwards, you should see two new folders within your Custom directory, "missile" and "skirmish", each containing a .scx and .bhs file of the same name.


It's a free for all fight in the Information Age! Each player has two barracks within a small city. You can only make Elite Special Forces and Spies. Your objective is to destroy all of the other player's buildings, or their barracks and all their units. Watch out for those Spies, as they can call down Cruise Missiles on your buildings.


The Americans and British team up against the Chinese and Russians in this 2v2 Modern Age war. Players can only build docks, towers, anti-air guns, and Redoubts. All of your ground forces are trained at Redoubts, so they are essential.

Thanks to Big Huge Designers, John Hawkins and Mark Sobota for assembling these scenarios, which are based on missions in the Cold War Campaign.

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