RTC-3057 Demo

This places you into DOOM as a cyborg...

RTC-3057 Demo

This places you into DOOM as a cyborg. Sporting all the great things about ZDoom v2.0, it is required to play the demo. RTC-3057 is a stand alone conversion changing everything to suit its atmosphere.

Project: RTC-3057

Version: Demo

The RTC-3057 homepage: http://www.nautrup.com/3057/




1. Introduction

2. Story

3. Author/wad details


1. Introduction


After a long time in the making, we are able to release the

RTC-3057 demo. RTC-3057 is a merge of DOOM-3057 and TRTCC.

I thank X-Blade for the work he did on the original 3057.

Both DOOM3057 and TRTCC had demos, but this is the first RTC-3057


I am pleased with the end result and I hope you will

have as much fun playing it as we had making it, Enjoy!


Team Future leader

RTC-3057, the future of doom. Yeah, it is. I feel it is the doom

version of half-life. An adventure, where you think, explore and

shoot monsters. The level, music, sound, art/textures and story

fit perfect to it. RTC-3057 - The future of doom.


RTC-3057 Beta Tester


2. Story


The Story so far

"…and activate sensor Delta seven"


"Good, it works! Deactivate it agai…."

The voices seem far away. You don’t know whether it is a dream or not, but the voices disappear and there is only silence again. You have vague memories. Memories of joy, of fun as well as memories of worries. Then the memories of sudden horror and pain. You do not remember anything that could pinpoint these sensations, but you remember that you have felt them.

"...uter inserted! Activating" The voice fades away again.


Without warning, text appears before your eyes.

"Welcome back to Life Sergeant. I am your personal Computerized Situation Analyzer or CSA and I am programmed to assist you in any situation necessary"

What the Hell is this all about!? you think wearily, but you have a feeling that it all doesn’t matter.

The text briefly disappears, but more text appears afterwards, this time feeding you with substantial information.

The information reveals that you are a cyborg. Half machine, half man and created for combat. You are the newest invention of the Federal Commonwealth of Earth. All the necessary details about the history and the different cultures of humanity are already imprinted into your halfway computerized brain.

Various pictures of different traditional ceremonies and other customs appear in your mind.

I'm dreaming! you think to yourself and now you feel relaxed. The text continues to scroll past your eyes. You lazily watch the text, enjoying the story that follows as if it was a fairy tale told to a small child. What the story reveals, however, is a tale of fright, dread and indescribable pain.

A year ago, the military together with the Union Aerospace Corporation, or the UAC, opened the door to every sentient being's worst nightmare. Their most ambitious project was the development of means to transport people and cargo instantly through space through so-called "translocators" or gateways. One fateful day things went horribly wrong. They accidentally opened a gateway to another diminsion and terrible creatures overran the UAC bases on Mars’ two moons.

The strange, demon-like aliens, having stolen a lot of human technology, then opened a sort of rift which led straight to Earth from their world, causing the worst catastrophe in human history, known as "Hell on Earth".

It was rumored that these monsters were demons from Hell itself and people had soon begun to refer to them as "demons" in general. But whether they actually were from Hell or not was never proved.

All of humanity could have been wiped out had it not been for one lone marine, who managed to retake the ground Starport on Earth, thus allowing humanity to evacuate Earth. The unknown marine, whom it was rumored to have cleared out the bases on Mars’ two moons before his battle on Earth, remained on Earth while his species fled the planet and has not been heard of since, but he has become a legend. Some even say that he had been to "Hell" itself and back.

Whatever happened to the legendary hero remains an enigma, but a few days after humanity's exodus from Earth, scout satellites went to Earth and surprisingly reported that the gateway to the other dimension had been closed, yet Earth is still inhabited by hordes of demons...

Having escaped the nightmare on Earth, mankind fled to various colonies in the solar system. A large percentage settled on Mercury – one of the UAC’s largest colonies.

The unfriendly planet was originally just the location of another scientific base, where Cybernetics was being researched by the UAC, but it was reconstructed and now serves as an asylum for the Earth refugees.

Unfortunately, a disagreement arose between two human factions.

The UAC, now re-founded under a new management, soon took control of the scattered human fractions, intending to govern them, while salvaging the gateway technology developed by the military, continuing their forbidden experimentation with translocator technology without anyone else’s knowledge. However, a rebellion arose and an old organization, the Federal Commonwealth of Earth, was re-founded.

The FCE was originally an alliance between several countries on Earth. It was once known as the United Nations or the UN, but it was later renamed.

The FCE is now comprised of representatives from all the human nations on Earth and is bent on ruling the human factions with a fair democracy as opposed to the UAC’s more dictatorial rule. But the FCE also resurrected a few of the projects which had been abandoned by the UAC, such as research on Cybernetics. This was a project, which the UAC never came very far with, but the FCE had a certain idea about the use of cybernetics and they soon achieved revolutionary results where the UAC had failed.

The human fractions were split evenly between the two organizations, but the UAC in its lust for power was never satisfied with this.

The real trouble began when the FCE found out about the UAC's continued research on translocator technology. The FCE had wanted the UAC temporarily disbanded since the exodus from Earth, because of the UAC being responsible for the demon invasion of Earth, but the corporation had too much power.

Nothing had gone wrong so far, but there was no telling whether the UAC wouldn't accidentally create another door for the demons to pass through.

Now the strife between those two organizations arose once again.

The FCE officials constantly accused the UAC management of being far too careless and demanded that the project got shut down immediately. The debate has been going on for a while now and it has grown increasingly unfriendly. The possibility of a war between the UAC and the FCE is no longer too far away.


You don't know whether you are conscious or dreaming, but the only thing you see is the scrolling text. Your eyes have apparently not been "opened" yet. You consider the information given you – first and foremost the information on your personal file which is horribly limited.

According to your personal database imprinted in your brain, you have rank of Sergeant. Yet you still have no memory of your past and you have not been given any info on your former identity. You only know that your current "identity" is that of "Sergeant RTC-3057" and the only things you know about your future is that you were created for combat – primarily combat against hostile non-human entities.

You are fitted with a heavy space combat suit, which even the strongest humans would have trouble wearing in an Earth-like atmosphere for long and with your superhuman strength you are even able to move at a fairly average speed, despite the suit’s weight.

You decide that you are dreaming. In your dream, the text continues to scroll past your eyes, informing you that "they" are currently keeping you in a comatose state, where you can’t sense anything around you, except for your "computerized eye" which is not yet fully active and therefore cannot see "the real world". Your "database" continues to feed you with information all this time, telling you about the historical facts as well as giving you tactical data about your known opposition. But the database is not yet completed and still leaves you with a lot of questions.

Questions like: "Who WAS I? What happened to me since I am like I am now?"

The "CSA" has stopped feeding you with information. You see only darkness before you, yet you have a strange sensation of being awake and aware.

What an odd dream you think to yourself. In a moment I'll wake up and then I'll remember who I really am! I'll be laughing at myself for forgetting the obvious

Suddenly the feeling of being awake dissipates and gradually disappears. You begin to drift off into unconsciousness...


A deep rumble is the first thing that greets you as you slowly awake. You feel dull at first and you feel like everything is swaying, like if you were on board a ship sailing through high seas, but that's perfectly normal according to the info in your database, since it takes your cybernetic body a few moments to adapt to living conditions.

What isn't so normal, however, is that there seems to be a complete absence of activity around you and that the building occasionally shakes with a menacing rumbling sound.

What's going on here?

Your eyes haven't worn off the effects of your unnatural sleep just yet, but you can easily sense that things aren't right.

The sudden appearance of letters before your eyes startle you. The words "FCE Flagship, Level 4, Cell Bay" flash before your eyes. Your Computerized Situation Analyzer or CSA has just told you where you are.

A short beep inside your head notifies you of a further message from your CSA as you begin to fully awaken.

With a chill a horrifying thought strikes you.

Maybe I wasn't dreaming after all!



3. Author/wad details


Title : RTC-3057 - Demo 01/16/03

Filename : 3057demo.WAD

Authors :

Level design: Shaviro

Textures: Fredrik



Scripts: Shaviro



Story: dsm



Music: Julian

Sounds: Shaviro





Beta Testing: dsm










GFX: dsm



Misc. Author Info : Team Future. Go read up on it!

Misc. Wad info : This is a 1 level demo of RTC-3057.

Ports Utilized : RTC-3057 Requires ZDOOM 2.0 Beta 36 or higher.

Thanks to : Randy Heit for zdoom.

Williston Consulting for WadAuthor

Olivier Montanuy for Wintex

JASC for Paint Shop Pro

Doomworld, Doomcenter (lol), newdoom

id Software, duh.

* Play Information *

Game : Doom II

Single Player : Yes

Cooperative 2-8 Player : No

Deathmatch 2-8 Player : No

Difficulty Settings : No

New Sounds : Lots

New Graphics : Lots

New Monsters : No

New Music : Lots

Demos Replaced : No

* Construction *

Base : New Level from scratch

Editor(s) used : WadAuthor, Wintex

Known Bugs : None

* Copyright / Permissions *

DOOM, DOOM II, the DOOM logo, and ID are all copyright ID SOFTWARE.

You may redistribute this file only in the original zip form. Do not add,

remove, or change files included in the zip file.

Please do NOT extract any textures from 3057demo.wad

Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.

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