Max Payne Homage Video (High)

This is a fan made live action Max Payne tribute video.You...

  • Category Action
  • Size 23.5 MB
  • Program by Torben Sachert & Vanya

Max Payne Homage Video (High)

This is a fan made live action Max Payne tribute video.You need the

latest divx codec

to watch the movie with your Media Player.

A few months ago a friend of mine approached me and asked if I would make a movie with her. I said "hell, no, go away!" ...For a better understanding you have to know that I am a film maker and for years now I wasn't involved in these "let's-make-a-fun-film-for-our-friends-projects"

But anyways...she somehow convinced me to make a short clip with her. We started planning and decided to make a "Max Payne Hommage". It didn't turn out what we intended it to be but considering that we had only three hours for shooting we are quite statisfied.

So what we did is a short action sequence, a shoot-out that has certain "Max Payne" Elements in it. Most of them aren't as obvious as we had wished so we played around with MP in post-production: The muzzle-flashes and a few other things were done with "ParticleFX", we tried to give it a little bit of the MP-style via cutting and almost all of the sounds (except for the music) were taken from MP (hope you Remedy guys won't sue me!).

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