Time Fracture

You are an adventurer that comes across a astronmer, that...

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Time Fracture

You are an adventurer that comes across a astronmer, that asks you to help in defeating a dark lord.



In order to keep the size down, only the basic plot is included in the game. At least read the section: Important Stuff and refer back here if you forget the details of the plot.

The game comes in two versions with either a female adventurer (original - after all I am female myself) or a male adventurer (since most players of Kyle Quest seem to be male and might prefer this). This is indicated by a small 'f' or 'm' in the name of the file. The male adventurer is the normal Kyle character the female adventurer a female version of this.

I have also produced a three part version of the game for people with less free memory which can be downloaded from my web site - http://homepages.tcp.co.uk/~janebritt - the largest part is only 103 K-pdb format & 122K -qce format (as declared by Explorer) - Palm Desktop Install seems to make the files a bit bigger.

Important Stuff


* Talk to everyone you meet.

* Listen carefully ("I will say this only once!") to what they say as most people will not be prepared to repeat themselves.

* Save the game from time to time but remember that adventurers sometimes have to travel to places where there are no shops, no training guilds and no turning back.

* Keep your eyes open, don't be afraid to rummage around. After all "the best things in life are free!"

Basic Plot


You meet an astronomer who tells you that his studying of the sky has taught him that a Dark Lord has arisen who intent on bending space-time to his will has caused a fracture in time in this part of the universe and the slippage of certain items from one era to another.. In order to heal the fracture and prevent further damage it is necessary to travel to the times affected and restore the items to their proper time and place and then to find and defeat the Dark Lord himself.

There are portals to the five times affected in the surrounding area. You must travel to the earliest time, find the anachronistic item misplaced in that era and retrieve it. You must then travel to the next earliest time, restore the item to its proper place and discover the item misplaced in that era and so on, until you return the final item to the latest era. Then you will need to find the portal to the Dark Lord's own realm and do battle with him.

You will only be able to enter the portals in the right order, starting with the earliest time. You are given some lines which describe the times affected to help you discover the portals to the different eras.

"When terrible lizards ruled the earth.

The ancient city on its seven hills.

Of knights and dragon's breathing fire.

An age of theft by land and sea.

Now we reach and touch the stars."

Inspiration for the game


When thinking of what sort of story to devise, I remembered a Level 9 adventure that I had enjoyed in the eighties called the "Lord's of Time". I think that this involved travelling through a clock to different eras in order to collect various items which had to be place in a cauldron. That was the beginning of my thought and it seemed a useful way to split the story into manageable sections. The exact plot, however, is very much my own and the different eras are reached from different points on the map which must be discovered.

I cannot say much more about the different eras of the game as that would spoil the fun. However I will say that the local area and two of the past eras are nominally England. One era is based on an actual historical place and I have tried to get the geographical layout of towns and river as accurate as the game will allow. All in all I have aimed at a reasonable degree of biological, historical and geographical accuracy. If anyone notices any glaring errors please let me know.

Difficulty level


One of the hardest things to decide was how difficult to make the game. I decided in the end to make it only moderately difficult, as I have found the other games I have played, so that it should be necessary to stop and think from time to time but solving the problems should not take days of thought. This seemed right as, being a Palm Pilot game, it is something to play in lunch hours and airport lounges when you don't really want to carry a walk-through around with you. Since mazes in Kyles Quest don't work quite the same as they do in other games, as you can see over the walls, I have included three different types of maze. Not too difficult I hope!



About 80% of the tiles are my own design, the rest come from the ones supplied with the Level Editor. The monsters are mostly based on clip art, the map tiles are generally done from scratch though in some cases, especially people, I have used the original tiles as templates.

Weapons, Monsters etc.


I am not including a list of the stats concerned with these but I have tried to calculate the price of items so that you get what you pay for.

The game has been designed with the expectation that the local area would be explored first with an eye to finding at least some of the portals and that the money and experience found along the way should then be sufficient for moving on. It should not be necessary to kill lots of monsters just for the sake of building up money or experience. I have included a couple of spells just for variety but didn't include more because I tended to find that it was hard not to make spells too effective.

Future Projects


As to my next level. I am thinking of either writing some sort of X-Files game or devising a classic Dungeons and Dragons type of game where you can choose to be a magician, warrior and maybe some other character and having this choice affect the type of weapons available. (i.e. only spells for a magician) and maybe some other elements of the story. Both these ideas came from the Dream Levels postings on the Discussion Board. Any comments on this would be welcome.



Like other level designers, I welcome feedback both positive and negative, so hopefully I can make my next level better.

Acknowledgements and Thanks


Thanks to:

Robert Wayne (Bones-Director's cut & King of Rogues - he's written others but I haven't played them yet) for teaching me how attractive one can make the map by designing one's own tiles. Also for the tutorial on the Kyle's Quest Central site which was most useful in getting me started.

Axel (Davilion) for teaching me that it's O.K. if some monsters are just to much to handle.

Skyworm (4th Line) for teaching me how to think constructively about the stats for the weapons in his "Ye Olde Wonderfull Adventurer's Guide" that comes with the game.

And last but not least thanks to Kyle Poole for programming Kyle's Quest in the first place and for providing a Level Editor so we could also design our own levels.


Legal: (c) 1999 Jane M. Britt. All rights reserved.

This level may be distributed only via the internet for no charge whatsoever to the

recipient provided this text file is included and none of the files are altered. This software may not be distributed for any commercial use.

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