TomazQuake v1.46

This is the full version of TomazQuake v1.46 of the engine...

TomazQuake v1.46

This is the full version of TomazQuake v1.46 of the engine and mod for your Quake title.


1. add hue saturation contrast and brightness sliders and console variables

2. add a function to quake c to remove an entity, PLUS all the entities which it owns, or are owned by entities it owns, etc.

3. The most important thing to modify would be the compile tools themselves, although you probably havent worked with them. You would might want to consider modifying the following:

*changing the limitations which the compile tools impose on maps, limitations which apply either only to the software version and not to the new engines, or worse, limitations which were wrongly put on by the original programmers. These include limitations in texture scale, etc.

*possibly change the premise bsp works under, mainly \"it is more efficient to break a wall up into polys the size of the texture, then to repeat a texture across one wall poly\". Does this premise still remain true in modern gl engines? Or is it only true in the software engines? If the second, it would be a big advantage to adjust bsp

*quadruple lightmap resolution. Furthmore, LIGHT the program can\'t seem to render full shadows (a change from full bright to full dark at an angle) well at all, they are MUCH more low res looking then the actual lightmap really is right now. Would there be a way to fix the lightmap program to do work properly?

4. The ability for quake c to read and write files, and put up 2d bitmaps on the screen for HUD like purposes. The ability for quake c to accept console input, namely, by passing all unrecognized commands to qc, AND by actually reading the arguments to those commands. So if I typed in console \"gotoserver\" and I had a quake c function called gotoserver (int address); it would work.

5. A TE_ particle effect scripting language. This could be quite simple yet powerfull. A script file contains names of different te_effects, these names can be used in quake c when needed. In each script, fields control the following:

*the name of the file used for the picture of the particle

*the scaled size of the particle

*possibly animation frames for the particle

*the motion of the particle, basics, like explosion, snowfall, parabolic movement, etc.

6. the ability to turn off the switching to lower resolution mip textures for .mdl and .md2 models. This can be done in the software version, but not in the gl versions.

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