Star Wars: Empire at War Forces of Corruption - Fall of The Republic Mod v2.0

The second version of Fall of the Republic mini mod....

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  • Program by DArbiter

Star Wars: Empire at War Forces of Corruption - Fall of The Republic Mod v2.0

The second version of Fall of the Republic mini mod. Adds several FotR units to the existing game factions, and includes overhauled effects. Not to be confused with final full version of the FotR release.

&Thrawn's Revenge Fall of the Republic Minimod V2

Thrawn's Revenge Webite:

This is for EAW: Forces of Corruption, not Empire at War.




Delta Squad,

Mace Windu & Eta-2 Actis,

Jorus C'Baoth,

Clone Trooper Phase 1,




Carrack Cruiser,


Zann Consortium:

General Grievous & Invisible Hand



Battle Droid,










Veers (From GC only)

General Changes:

-Improved projectile & explosion particles.

-Infantry squad sizes reduced.

-Infantry health reduced.

-Acclamator compliment changed to all ARC-170s


=-Thrawns Revenge Team-==-FX Mod Team -=

Jeff Cheney (The Farseer): Some planet skins.

Z3r0x: Help fixing an error.

Nem: Smokee and explosion textures, from FX mod.

Evillejedi: Skin reference (Providence)

Captain Elgy, Cptn. Ford, Dr_McCoy1701A: Starfields and Backgrounds (;77444)

George Lucas: Making Star Wars.

Petroglyph Lucasarts: Making Empire At War & FoC.

Icon images used under fair use.


The models, code, textures, maps, audio files, and other content in this mod are the property of Thrawn's Revenge, unless otherwise specified. You may not redistribute them without the permission of the Thrawn's Revenge Team.

Contact Arbiter (mod leader) at ThrawnsRevenge AT Gmail DOT com

You download, install and play this at your own risk, the Thrawn's Revenge Team is not responsible for any damage to you or your computer.

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