Word Box

A word search game...

Word Box

A word search game.

WordBox: Help

General Help contains all the source and makefiles for gcc required to build wordbox.prc. In addition, there is a 129,000 word dictionary file, dict.pdb, that must be installed for wordbox.prc to function properly. I'm still researching better dictionaries than the one I used for dict.pdb, and look for smaller versions that will run on Pilots with less memory in the future.


WordBox is a word search game played within a box 5 letters wide and 5 letters tall. Words may be formed by starting at any letter and tracing to any adjacent letter, including diagonally. The minimum word length is 4. Letters from the box may only be used once in each word. Scoring can be done in a total of four different ways: Exponential, Linear, All words, and Unique words:

Exponential scoring allows for very high scores because the point value of a word is 2 to the number of letters minus 4. 4 letter words are then 1 point, 5 letters are 2, 6 letters are 4, etc.

Linear scoring follows this point assignment:

4 letters = 1

5 letters = 2

6 letters = 3

7 letters = 5

8 & up = 11

All words scoring is used in conjunction with Exponential or Linear and indicates that all words each player finds is scored.

Unique words scoring is used in conjunction with Exponential or Linear and indicates that only the words each play finds that no other player finds is scored.

Games can be played for lengths of 2 to 5 minutes in full minute increments.

The top 10 scores are maintained for each combination of scoring method used and game length.

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