Sacrifice Beta Patch #3

A "mostly fine tuning" patch fixing various issues gathered...

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  • Program by Shiny

Sacrifice Beta Patch #3

A "mostly fine tuning" patch fixing various issues gathered from player feedback as well as a switch over to Direct X 8, including the use of DirectPlay for networking.

This release is for English Versions only, i.e it does not contain the localised (French/ German/ Spanish & Italian) text for the new features that have been added. It does not prevent players with Foreign Language versions from upgrading to Beta Patch 3, merely that the new text

remains in English. Further releases of Beta Patch 3 will be fully translated.

This is a Beta Release (not a final release) if you find any problems please email a complete description together with the THAUM.ERR file (generated in the root of the Sacrifice directory) to [email protected]




(a) You MUST install DirectX8 for this patch to function properly. If you do not have Microsoft's DirectX8 you can download it from this site

(b) Because Patch 3 adds additional items to any Saved Game, your current Saved Games will *** NO LONGER WORK *** once you have installed Patch 3. In the single player campaign, however, your characters (the WIZ files) are still OK.

These WIZ files store which Ethereal Realm Level your Wizard last visited.

To Load A WIZ File


(a) Select Single Player from the Sacrifice Main Menu.

(b) Select Sacrifice Campaign.

(c) Select the Wizard you want to load by highlighting its name.

(d) Click Select Character and the game will load the last Ethereal Realm that your Wizard entered.

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