Anarchy Online - Symbskin 0.D v.1.1

An edited version of the original Symbskin for Anarchy

Anarchy Online - Symbskin 0.D v.1.1

An edited version of the original Symbskin for Anarchy Online.

Symbskin 0.D v.1.1


OK, here is my edited version of the Symbskin (named:"0ut.Damage") with bits and pieces

from Dovves GUI. I made this because I found myself wanting to combine the best of

the current skins out there and this is in no way ment to take the honour away from the

highly talanted people behind the original GUI's. A big thanks to Artic for his revolutionary

design and hosting, Dovves for his loveley graphics work.

Also, a big thanks to Widebit for testing and coming with suggestions!


What to Backup

The folder to backup is "\Anarchy Online\cd_image\gui\default\ActionMenu"

Suggested backup name is ActionMenu.old


1) Copy the "cd_image" into you "Anarchy Online" folder. You will be asked if you

want to overwrite you current folder. Press Yes.

2) In the Launcher, press "Settings" > "Advanced Settings" > "Choose skin-file".

3) Browse to "\Anarchy Online\cd_image\textures\Symbskin-0.D" and choose the "GUIGFX.UVGI".

4) I recommend you to set the "control center lowfade" to 50% by pressing F10 > GUI > Fading

ingame. This makes reading the text on the new bg easier.

5) Enjoy!

v 1.1

New Compass

New Left/right stat grapchis

New agg/def bar graphics

New menu threads

New macro icons

Switched the possition on NCU and Perk buttons.

v 1.0

First release


This is work in progress and I take no responsebility for any kind of errors that might

occure due to the usage of this GUI.

Have fun,


Email: [email protected]


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