Street Fighter 4 Unlock Everything

This unlock everything in SF4 PC using Cheat Engine except...

Street Fighter 4 Unlock Everything

This unlock everything in SF4 PC using Cheat Engine except the alternate costumes. Read below for specific instructions.

SF4 PC - unlock everything (except alternate costumes) by Leogansky (06.06.2009)


Hi there, SF fans;)

Let me start by saying that I've just compiled all the cheat codes I could find

scattered around the web to unlock everything in SF4 PC using Cheat Engine (

A big thank you to the people that posted these codes in the first place;)

What this CT (Cheat Engine Table) unlocks:

- All Characters

- All Colors

- All Personal Actions

- All Icons

- All Titles

- All Artwork

- All Movies & Credits

- Selectable Voice Acting Per Character

Here are the steps:


1 - Install SF4 PC

2 - Install Cheat Engine

3 - Run SF4 PC (preferably in windowed mode, use alt-tab to access

Cheat Engine if you're running the game in full screen mode)

4 - Create an offline Live Account, to accomodate your save files, or log in to an existing one

4 - While the game is running, open Cheat Engine (notice previous step)

5 - Click on the top left computer icon, select StreetFighterIV.exe from the process list

and click "Open"

6 - Click the folder icon next to the previous one to open a CT file (cheat engine table file)

7 - Select "SFIV Unlock Everything.CT"

8 - Now, on the bottom table (now with several entries), click on any one and select all of them (CTRL + A)

9 - Now right click on any one of them and select "Change Record" -> "Value"

10 - In the "Change these values", change the zero to one (0 -> 1) and press "OK"

11 - Check the grid to see if all the values are now 1. If not, repeat from step 8 to get the job done;)

I believe this happens when you already unlocked parts of the game the "regular" way. No worries;)

12 - Now to make the changes in memory permanent and dump them into your save file, so you won't have

to do this again next time you want to play, change back to the game and go to the options menu

(alt-tab if you were playing in full screen mode)

13 - Now change a setting to force a save, like for instance, change the sound volume and return to the

title screen. You'll see the rotating warning saving the changes to your save file, INCLUDING


14 - You can now exit the game and exit Cheat Engine.

15 - Start SF4 normally, and voilla! Everything is unlocked permanently!

Hope this helps;) Any questions about this "procedure", feel free to mail me;)

Leogansky - [email protected]

SF4 RULES!!!;)

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