Starship Troopers Patch v4.09.10

Released by Strangelite, this is the Starship Troopers Patch...

Starship Troopers Patch v4.09.10

Released by Strangelite, this is the Starship Troopers Patch for the retail version of the game, upgrading it to v4.09.10 on both the US and European versions of the game. Read below for more details.


Patch v4.09.10


Patch Compatibility

This patch can be used with the US version, the European versions or on the European one after it has been patched with EuroPatch-3.2.77. This patch can be installed on top of any of these versions without uninstalling or performing any special preparations.

Patch Installation

Download the patch to a temporary location on your PC.

Run the patch file StarshipTroopersGlobalPatch-4.09.10.exe by double clicking on the file, and following the on screen instructions.

New Feature

Clients now check that the server is still running before loading all the data for the level.

Bug Fixes

Global patch 4.09.10

- This patch fixes an erroneous copy protection message displayed on certain system configurations after installing patch EuroPatch-3.2.77

Single Player

- Missing VO on German version has been replaced (Plasma Mountain)

- Problem with visibility determination in an area at the end of the Offensive level has been fixed


- Significant reduction has been made in the lag experienced by players during multiplayer games

- The game no longer crashes if players attempt to join late (known issue on patch 3.2.77)

- Late joiners no longer get all the stored packets from the current game in one go

- Fixed an issue which allowed players to access out of bound areas

- Stopped players spawning in mid-air and falling to their deaths as soon as a round starts

- Players still in the lobby were being rendered prematurely - this no longer happens

- If a player stays in the lobby between games then they no longer see the names repeated in the lobby

- Quitting and then rejoining the same game no longer leads to a crash

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