Crysis - Crysis Benchmarking Tool

This 'Benchmarking Tool' let's you test how custom settings...

Crysis - Crysis Benchmarking Tool

This 'Benchmarking Tool' let's you test how custom settings run on your system. The tool has been made by MadBoris and is still in an early stage, it already works great but there are still some things that need to be fixed.


There is no need to install anything, just unzip the file and you're ready to go.

To uninstall:

Just delete the folder.

Using the tool

When you start-up the program for the first time, you may need to set the gamepath.

This will happen if you have multiple versions (full, SP demo, MP Demo) installed.

After you've done that, you need to set-up the benchmark settings;

You can set the overall and all the other quality settings, but you can also set the:

* Resolution

* Anti-Aliasing

* Demo Loops

* Time of Day

* And the global settings

When you've set up everything, you can simply click the button that looks like this:





to add the run to the queue, after which you can add more runs.

When you added all the runs, simply press Begin Benchmarking Run and Crysis will get loaded and all the settings will be tested.

Be sure to close all other programs before performing the benchmarks!

Current Features

* Run a variety of tests all at one time.

* Choose windowed, 32/64 bit, DX9/DX10 tests.

* Logs setting details for each test run plus provides a summary breakdown (with averages if 3 or more loops).

* Supports custom demos.

* Allows pause/resume by hitting spacebar, between runs.

* Auto-save all benchmark runs in Autosave folder.

* Allows Copy/Paste from results window.

* Save and import a queue of runs for ease of retesting.

* Allows image quality comparisons by taking a screenshot on each run at certain frame(s).

Current Limitations

There are some current limitations that will be added in future release.

* For any advanced optional CVARS you add, they will be global to all tests and not on a per test run basis.

* Currently while many resolutions are provided, not all may be supported by your monitor.

* DX10 option will show up in Vista if you don't have DX10 hardware. Choosing DX10 will revert to using DX9, although the log output will show DX10 erroneously. I do not have directx API logic in the tool yet to differentiate HW.

* Vsynch currently disabled as there were issues with it working in demo, will be re-enabled in soon update.


MadBoris plans to remove all the above limitations in the future.

Some other future plans are:

* Adding advanced testing options to show video/RAM memory usage as well as CPU usage for each core.

* Adding DX API support for better resolution detection options.

* Adding an advanced tweaking section that will add a the tool for people that want to test the performance of their tweaks.

* Possible reports/graphs and exporting options depending on the community desire for it.


Version 1.04 release 11-16-07

* Disabled 64 bit benchmark because of issues.

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