This is an Ultra High Compression Mutlimedia Archiver which...


This is an Ultra High Compression Mutlimedia Archiver which is still in beta GUI . Click below for more information.

WinUHA is a GUI (Graphical User Interfaces) for UHARC with Shell Extensions !

A big thank to the great Uwe Herklotz for developing UHARC 0.4, the best compression software on the earth!

Why Use UHA :

UHA has the lowest ratio compression when comparing with RAR, ACE, ZIP....

It's 100% Freeware for NON commercial use as UHARC

but need more time (just a little bit ;-)) for compressing. Fortunately, nowdays, CPU are very faster so this is not a problem !

UHARC 0.4 b Copyright © 1997-2001 by Uwe Herklotz - WinUHA Copyright © 2003 by Salvatore Ravidà - All Rights Reserved

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