The Exotic Island v2.0

This map is an update to CTF-Exotic (The Exotic Island). It

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  • Program by Oliver Gerestein

The Exotic Island v2.0

This map is an update to CTF-Exotic (The Exotic Island). It fixes some issues

with botpathing.


Title : The Exotic Island v2.0

Filename : CTF-Exotic][.ZIP

Version : 2000.04.03

Description : CTF map for Unreal Tournament

Author : Oliver Gerestein

Email Address : [email protected]

Website :

Misc. Author Info : First venture into CTF territory.

Credits to : Epic and Digital Extremes

the whole industrial:deconstruction crew:

- Greg Rochon for the idecon website and the lighthouse model

- Pat McLaughlin for beta testing

- Nicolas Wojcik, because he's part of the team


-=[ Play Information ]=-

Game : Unreal Tournament

Maps : CTF-Exotic][

Deathmatch : Yes

Domination : No

CTF : Yes

Assault : No

New Sounds : No

New Graphics : No

-=[ Construction ]=-

Base : new map from scratch

Build Time : 40 hours

Editors used : UnrealEd UT

Known Bugs : none. Let me know if you find some.


-=[ Description ]=-

This map is an update to CTF-Exotic (The Exotic Island). It fixes some issues

with botpathing. The most notable changes are:

- bots now access Damage Amplifier, sniper rifle, armour vest and Redeemer.

- added some AlternatePaths (return only)

- changed the location of blue team's defensepoints.

The end result is that bots are much more challenging to play against,

especially at higher skill levels.


Main Features:

- natural outdoor setting

- a no-base concept: the whole island is your base.

- mix of open areas and close-quarter combat

- fully botmatchable

CTF-Exotic][ is located on a deserted island lost in mid-Pacific. The remnants of an

abandoned mining camp litter an otherwise pristine island paradise.

The island is divided in two main areas, the outside and the mine. Beaches are located

on each side of the island, and tunnels that lead to the mine connect the two


The red flag is placed on the dock, whereas the blue flag is placed on the suspended

wooden passageway on the other side of the mountain. Since the island is an open

area, there are no "forts". This is a brand-new concept that is sure to make some

enemies, but to date feedback has been very positive. You must rethink the whole

concept of defending and attacking fortified positions. At first glance, it may

appear that one flag is easier to grab than the other: this may be true, but is

balanced out by the fact that the flag easier to get is harder to return, and

vice versa.

The followig items are placed in the level:

- Damage Amplifier (dock)

- Invisibility (roof of cabin)

- Shield belt (mine)

- Redeemer (hidden ledge)

- Armour vest (mountaintop)

- 100 health (mineshaft)

One last piece of advice: people often forget about the top of the mountain. There

are some good vantage points and some goodies up there.


-=[ Copyright / Permissions / Distribution Information ]=-

This map is the intellectual property of Oliver Gerestein, c2000, and is subject

to all applicable copyright laws.

You may distribute the original .zip file freely by any means, so long as its

contents remain intact.

This means that you may not modify the original map and re-distribute it, and

this text file must accompany the map at all times.

-=[ Where to get this level ]=-

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