BSPC-GUI v0.05

Updated version of BSPC-GUI...

BSPC-GUI v0.05

Updated version of BSPC-GUI. Now supports Windows interface for bot creation in Quake 3 Arena, BSP -> AAS, BSP -> MAP, and Dual Processor support to speed your compile times.

BSPC-GUI for Windows 95/NT

Version 0.05 Release Notes

BSPC-GUI version 0.05 Dan Stephens 1999

Download latest version from : or

Description : This programme gives you a front-end for Mr. Elusives BSPC v1.07

Usage : Ensure BSPC.exe is in the same directory as BSPC-GUI.exe

: BSPC-GUI saves the .aas file to the same directory as the source .bsp file.

: BSPC-GUI support tool-tips.

To use tool-tips, hold your mouse over a command for a short time you will be presented with a description.

Options :

- Tick Dual Processors only if you have a dual processor system and run NT4 or Windows 2000.

Windows 95/98/98SE *DO NOT SUPPORT* multiple processors.

- Tick Disable Output to speed things up slightly.

- Tick Dont Write Liquids if you want the bots to ignore liquids (lava, slime and water).

- Tick Recalculate reachabilities if you ONLY changed the entities inside the .BSP file since last compile.

This will disable all other options. Ensure you have the .AAS file and the .BSP in the same directory.

- Tick Disable brush chopping and the brush overlap won't be removed.

- Free the BSP tree is untested

- Tick Convert .BSP to .MAP to do so. You must have a valid Q3 BSP selected.

The .MAP file is created in the current directory.

- Tick Optimise .AAS file to optimise it. Ensure you select the .AAS with the Select .AAS file button.

Contact : Email me at [email protected] for bug reports and/other things.

Credits : Mr Elusive (BSPC)

: id (Quake 3 Arena)

History : 17 December release 0.01 (Initial Release)

: 19 December release 0.02

- Add ToolTips

- Add check for a true .BSP before trying to process

- Add Icon

- Fixed BSPC version number in the readme (was v1.09)

: 23 December release 0.03

- Add support for -reach

- Fixed long file name bug (Thanks to that_bastard)

: 23 December release 0.04 (not released to the public)

- Add check for BSPC.exe (no more fatal error when it is not installed)

- Support for .BSP -> .MAP

: 23 December release 0.05

- Moving site to

- Add support for : - Dont merge brushes

- Free BSP tree

- Disable brush chopping

- Optimise .AAS file

- Changed GUI layout for the new options

- Add the .AAS selector

- Add the currently selected file in an output box.

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