Gotham (Distorted Mix)

One of Duke Nukem 3D's theme songs remade with some great...

Gotham (Distorted Mix)

One of Duke Nukem 3D's theme songs remade with some great beats and effects.





FILENAME: Bart Klepka - Gotham (Distorted Mix) [Duke Nukem 3D].mp3

SONG TITLE: "Gotham (Distorted Mix)"

MIXED BY: Bart Klepka


GAME: Duke Nukem 3D

DATE MIXED: 27.01.2001

MP3 QUALITY: 128Kpbs, 44Khz, Stereo

MUSIC STYLE: Electronic/Breakbeat






My second Duke Nukem 3D mix. This time though, it's a Lee Jackson tune. Lee suprised me with this fantastic dark feel song 'Gotham', since most of his work is funky/rock/upbeat/uptempo etc. The composition is fairly straight forward, what made it stand out was that he doubled almost every track with a close alternate instrument, creating a warpy, and deep effect. So here's another tribute to another all time classic game. 'Distorted Mix' says it all, dark and distorted, see below for more depth.

As I mentioned above, the actual composition of this tune is simple, so there wasn't any problem tracking it to IT. The next, and key thing regarding this mix, was trying to out-do the original darkness of the theme. Even as a midi, the doubling instruments Lee used made it sound great, so I knew I had to come up with something even more sinister and dark. A few effects later, I realised that distortion was definately the way to go, so not only did I use two seperate pads for the overwhelming lead, but I also distorted them for that extra...coldness. The strings I used here were nothing too special, I kept the original Lee version of them by 'fading' them in instead of just playing them, you don't hear this too often in music today. The tune had a small, very small, lead that played using a string, which I changed to a piano. The drums...oh the drums :). I had fun with these. I took two very simple beats and...well, to be honest, went totally nuts with them. They took the longest to create but I'm very very happy with them. One beat concentrates on percussion and cymbals, while the second beat I added for that power thang, kick and snare. The kick and snare beat I left as a simple -kick-kick-snare- repeat etc, with one exception, every 4th page had a variation at the end. With the pads being so powerful in this song, I found I had no reason to place any bass instruments in, but for the sake of change, I replaced the pads with a 'different' bass sample towards the end of the song (they inter-fade).


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