HomeWorld v1.03

Updates HomeWorld to version 1.03...

HomeWorld v1.03

Updates HomeWorld to version 1.03. The patch fixes problems with some video cards and addresses a bug with networking behind firewalls.


-A problem with auto-detecting firewalls was fixed. Previously it would always detect that you were behind a firewall.

-Previously, OpenGL was not available for any of the Nvidia TNT cards under Windows9x. This was disabled due to driver problems under Win95. OpenGL is now available for Win98 but not Win95.

-The Intel i740 is now more reliable under Direct 3D.

To fix problems associated with Voodoo2 SLI configurations, gamers need to visit http://www.glsetup.com/where.htm and download version of GLSetup. Homeworld ships with 1.06 but it does not help with SLI users.. 1.07 does.

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