Vampire: The Masquerade Patch v1.1

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Vampire: The Masquerade Patch v1.1

This upgrade will work for English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian CD-ROM versions of V:TM-Redemption. This patch upgrades your copy of V:TM-Redemption to version 1.1. After installing this upgrade, you will only be able to play with people who have also installed this same upgrade. The patch requires you to have the Full version of the Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption version 1.0 game installed on your computer. Custom maps and saved games from version 1.1 (patched version) may not be compatible with a NON-patched version. And, custom maps and saved games from version 1.0 may not be compatible with a Patched version.


- Save Anywhere (Escape menu option) (NOTE: Certain Disciplines may not work properly for a short time after reloading a save game. As such, we recommend saving your game in areas where you don't anticipate needing your Disciplines immediately after reloading).

- Ability to name Save games and Custom Maps

- Messages for certain actions during pause (cannot cast discipline, already busy, etc)

- Remaining enemy health indicated by color of rollover - starts off as white and becomes progressively redder.

- Various AI fixes / tweaks (includes boss difficulty, coterie blood usage, and guard alertness)

- Collision avoidance tweaks

- Longer timeout for actor corpses to allow use of various disciplines

- Black screen loading saved games after beating single player.

- Storyteller modification of Generation.

- Ability to lower Attributes

- Added ability for Storyteller to zone with possessed actors.

- Greatly improved network play, supporting lower bandwidth connections.

- Prevented bad combinations of flags in ST game startup (ST Moderation, etc). Fixed crash where ST deletes one half of a teleporter (behavior should be that the broken teleporter disappears when used).

- The ability to reposition objects after they have been placed.


- Display of some Euro characters (umlauts, etc).

- Tweak down Mercurio's stats.

- Humans using Discipline scrolls.

- Silver arrows act like incendiary arrows.

- Stake Nosferatu's had incorrect death animation.

- Merchants don't buy stakes.

- Aura perception and Eyes of Chaos don't work correctly. Pink conversations occur, even if he has not joined party.

- Client sees Melmoth disappear early.

- Can miss Udolpho conversation if you talk to Sorvena first.

- Setite in Brothel is unattackable.

- Possession button is inaccurate when you first bring it up (like talk/neut/enemy).

- Better handling for NPCs zoning (ST possession).

- More discipline save/restore fixes.

- Save/Restore follow mode for NPCs.

- More template and script tweaks for save/restore.

- Fixed the save game size which was the cause of slowdowns and increased size of save games and other various minor bug fixes.


- Loading message no longer appears when a player zones during multi-player games.

- Custom Chronicles may not be compatible between patched and non-patched versions of Vampire The Masquerade Redemption.

- Saved games may not be compatible between patched and non-patched versions of Vampire The Masquerade Redemption.

- The patch must be used on an original version of the game, with all the original files. The patch should work with "approved" mods, but any un-approved mods will cause problems. Note: "Approved" mods do not modify the main game nobs.

The file that you download ( requires you to have a utility that allows the file to be extracted to the hard drive. You will need a program such as WinZip®. To download this utility, please visit

After obtaining an unzipping utility, follow the instructions below:

1. Double-click on and choose I Agree.

2. Choose Extract. Type in the hard drive destination in the "Extract To" field and then click on Extract.

3. Go to the folder that you extracted the files to and double-click on VampirePatch_1_1.exe. Just follow the on screen instructions to install.


1. Double-click on and choose I Agree.

2. Double-click VampirePatch_1_1.exe and follow the on screen instructions to install.

NOTE: The patch requires an additional 6 MB of uncompressed hard disk space to install. Once the install is complete, it takes 3 MB of uncompressed hard disk space.

Note: To remove this upgrade, you will need to uninstall V:TM-Redemption from your machine and then reinstall the game.

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