In Limbo Mod v0.50

A multiplayer Half-Life modification, In Limbo features...

In Limbo Mod v0.50

A multiplayer Half-Life modification, In Limbo features team-based vehicular combat. There are six classes and all new weapons and environments.

In Limbo is a team-based multiplayer half-life modification. It is unique because you're battling in armored vehicles instead of as a person. Currently In Limbo uses a class-based system and the only gameplay mode is team deathmatch, though any of these things could change in future releases. There really isn't a storyline to the game. If you want you can think of yourself as a remote operator, controlling a hover tank that's off on a distant planet, from the sanctuary of your home. And then pretend your team is the good guys, and you're trying to destroy the evil ones, so that light and goodness stuff can rule the whatever. Really the purposes of this game are to act as a learning experience for the developers, to experiment with game design, and to have fun. Gameplay is the primary focus of this mod. By not having a solid plot it frees the developers to making any changes they feel would improve the game. At this point, this game is almost seen as a preparation for a more ambitious Half-Life 2 mod. Nevertheless we feel this is a unique and fun mod to play, worthy of your download and support.

Classes: BlackArrow, Vulture, Cougar, Orion, Dragon, Sentinel.

Weapons: Smash, Machine Gun, Cannon, Gatling Gun, Hellfire II and Phoenix Missiles, Landmines, Booster.

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