Halo - BBT Mod Remake

Halo PC - This is a mod of Blood Gulch which is just like...

Halo - BBT Mod Remake

Halo PC - This is a mod of Blood Gulch which is just like the BBT Mods on the Gamespy server. Happy Playing!

Halo - Combat Evolved

Name: BBT Mod Remake

Type: Halo PC Map

On the Gamespy server, there are games named BBT Mods (Super Gulch, Supersniper etc.).

When I heard people complaining that they wanted the mod, I decided to remake Blood Gulch with everything

on the BBT mods. So here it is - hidden teleporters to cliffs, equipment in different places and much more!

If you wanted to know how I did this I made it in SparkEdit.

If you think anything is missing or a teleporter doesn't work, please email me at [email protected]

Note: I understand that it isn't 'exactly' like the BBT mods, but it's very much like it.

Happy playing!

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