Battlefield Vietnam Map-Pack #1

This BFV Map-Pack #1 is comprised from the top five maps...

Battlefield Vietnam Map-Pack #1

This BFV Map-Pack #1 is comprised from the top five maps from's

download Center. They offer some pretty unique battles ranging from the beach attacks to all out hand to hand combat.

All of the authors of these map deserve our thanks. They truly are doing amazing work for the community. We should all support them every way we can. Be sure to read all of the readme.txt that are included. Enjoy!

Jungle Warfare [6MB] - Close to the coast, an island is held by Vietcong forces and used as a starting point for disruptive actions. American units took by assault a part of the beach to conquer the remaining island and bring it into their possession! Dense jungle for hot action.

Doing The Village [6MB] - This map is loosely based on scenes from the 1986 movie "Platoon." It is based on scenes in the chapter titled "Doing the village" on the DVD. It is primarily an infantry map but includes a few APCs and jeeps. There are also large jungle areas with small paths to encourage infantry only engagement. Also, in this map main bases are very valuable. It is much easier to win if you control both main bases. Defend your base!

BFV Coral Sea [4MB] - A converted version of the Battlefield: 1942 map Coral Sea.

Surfin Birds [7MB] - This map is a Conquest Assault map. The US starts with one base. The NVA starts with 3 control points and 1 base. There are 2 grey flags on the beach. The team that controls 4 out of the 7 flags will not bleed. The team that only controls 3 flags will have a constant bleed.

Valley Assault [10MB] - is a custom multiplayer Map, The US have 2 spawns, main base and radio tower peak. The opposition has 2 spawns, an NVA base camp and a Vietcong farm base. There is a neutral spawn in the center of the level, secure it for a quick infantry attack. The game comes to an end when a Team loses all of there tickets.

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