X Motor Racing Demo

This is a demo for X Motor Racing, a racing game featuring...

X Motor Racing Demo

This is a demo for X Motor Racing, a racing game featuring 3D wheel simulation from Exotypos.

Exotypos released a new version of the X Motor Racing v1.12 and an updated demo.

Changes from 1.083 to 1.1:

- Improved Tire model in physics profiles

- Improved suspension simulation

- Improved HUD

- Improved Sound engine

- Additional sound customization

- Added Display menu

- Additional info in Developer mode

- Added Number of kilometres/mileage

- Added fuel consumption

- Added camera customization menu

- Added HDR customization menu

- Added Fly camera

- Added Developer mode

- Supporting FSAA together with HDR

- Increased simulation precision

- Presets for control

- Added FPS Limitation for more precision

- Changes in graphics materials

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