S3Tweak is a freely available utility that lets you "tweak"

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S3Tweak is a freely available utility that lets you "tweak" or adjust the settings for your Savage family video card. Rather than fiddling with tedious (not to mention dangerous) registry settings, just use this handy tray utility.

-=Supported Chips =-



Savage/MX and Savage/IX.


ProSavage Family.

-=Supported OSes =-

Windows 9x/ME.

Windows NT 4.0 (beta status).

Windows 2000 (beta status).

Windows Whistler (using Windows95 compatibility mode).

-=What's New=-

Added CommandDMA Feature, but no OFF option.

Added Windows Whistler Beta support (Win95 compatibility mode only).

Added Windows NT 4 and Windows 2000 Beta support.

Small bugfixes and many more.

-=Known Problems =-

S3Tweak will not always work correctly with the Diamond drivers for the Savage4, and there are a number of other problems with Savage4 drivers in general. It’s possible they don’t work with the Creative Savage4 drivers completely, either. Your best bet is to use reference drivers.

The MiniGL dialog and the “Allow MiniGL code” checkbox have no effect when using the performance ICD. This isn’t actually a bug, but you should be aware of this nonetheless.

Some users have reported problems with the Savage2000 support, although we haven’t seen it ourselves. We’re investigating this.

S3Tweak has only been tested thoroughly on Windows 95, Windows 98 and other Win9x-based systems (including Millenium Edition). Windows NT4.0 and 2000 are support, but this is still in beta, and may be unstable.

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