planetshogo map pak

this is a map pack made up of varios maps....

planetshogo map pak

this is a map pack made up of varios maps..

Hop in to your Mecha and grab a big gun

Come in to my level and lets have some fun

Get the most frags and kill everyone

Heeeeeeeyyyyyyyy Shogo Arena!

MCA_Arena+ readme:

Okay this is the updated version of my first level. I've taken in most of the feedback I've gotten, here are the changes:

Stairs are fixed run up them at your hearts content

Textures on the boxes are fixed, and the textures on the windows are as good as I could get them

Added some advertisements to lighten up the level

Other comments:

Okay, the Red Riot is still in. The thing is the blast damage doesn't go thru walls so firing it in the middle of the bottom

section won't do much. Also, its only got one thing of ammo in it so if you get it, it won't be that usefull. Use the spider

to lay mines nearby the RedRiot to stop people from getting it if you want.

I figured that since it was ment to look like it was an even that people watched, why not put what every spectator sport has?

Advertising! I think they do a good job of making the level a bit brighter since the other textures are kind of boring. I would

of added more but I didn't have much time (gotta go on christmas holidays!).

Okay, I still don't know how to change the bullet holes. So if you fire the sniper rifle at the glass it still gives you the

metal bullet hole. I guess this isn't really a bit thing since the only weapon it effects is the Sniper Rifle and if your hitting

the glass it means you have bad aim.

By the way, what kind of level do you guys think I should do next? I was thinking of one of these:

A completely underwater level. 360 of movement man!

A battle on top of a spaceship? In zero grave and if your not carefull you fall off!

A CTF map. You no 2 bases and stuff.

Okay well that's it, don't use this level for anything commercial (well if you want to pay me for it, lets talk!) and that stuff

please run a server with it, and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (and Happy Honnukah and Ramadan for the rest of you!)

-Sam "the Dingbat" Winzar

MCA_Arena readme:

Okay, thanks for downloading my level, I am now eternally grateful to you!

If you like this level, please tell, I'd love to get some positive feedback, oh and tell me why you liked it too.

If you don't like it do the same thing, I'd like to know what's wrong with my levels.

Well, what this level is ment to be is some arena where Mecha's fight to the death and people whatch (that's what's behind the glass suposedly)

If this level sucks, here are some reasons why:

It's my first level, yes my very first.

I'm only 14, hey if I was as old as Levelord and had his level making experience maybe I'd be making some kick ass levels but I don't, so I'm not

Exams were going on while I was making this okay, I had to study sometime.

Well, anyway, if you think it sucks and think you can improve it don't worry. I'll relase the .ed file sometime soon (when I can be bothered to), then you can fix it up.

Well, anyway, I'd like to thank everyone who should be thanked, enjoy.

Oh by the way, since this level is small, it doesn't take up much processing power, so if your playing on it switch your resolution to max, and put all the detail things on, trust me, its cool!

Please don't distribute this level without this readme file, also please don't shove this onto any of those comercial level packs (unless of course your willing to pay me a lot of money!

If your a Gaming Mag and want to put this level on your cover cd. PLEASE DO! Just send me an e-mail telling me that you are okay.

Please send all comments, suggestions, and creative critisism to

-Sam "the Dingbat" Winzar, level maker wannabe

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