awe yeah! It's suitable for about 4-6...

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  • Program by Matt "Dyno" Rowell


awe yeah! It's suitable for about 4-6 players,


Title : MoreSkillz

Date Finished : 01/15/99

Author : Matt "Dyno" Rowell

of Radikus Designs

Email Address :,

Misc. Author Info : Level design lead for The Radikus Shogo Mod Team

Description : A small deathmatch arena for those of you who like

your deathmatch experience to be hot and heavy,

awe yeah! It's suitable for about 4-6 players,

any more than that and it would be quite slow.

It's designed to be a small show-down map.

Additional Credits to : Mah boys down at Goldcom for testing this sucker.


- Construction -

Build Time : About 6-7 hours, I was learning with this one

Known Bugs : Nothing at all.

- Copyright / Permissions -

Authors MAY use these level as a base to build additional

levels. Just give me credit!!!

You MAY distribute this map, provided you include this file, with

no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic

format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file


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