Battlefield Vietnam Map-Pack #2

This BFV Map-Pack #2 is comprised from the top six maps...

Battlefield Vietnam Map-Pack #2

This BFV Map-Pack #2 is comprised from the top six maps from's

download Center. They maps differ in their greatness from temples to jungle warfare.

All of the authors of these map deserve our thanks. They truly are doing amazing work for the community. We should all support them every way we can. Be sure to read all of the readme.txt that are included.

Jungle Hunt v2 [MP] [9MB] - Updated. Custom map with high mountains, deep valleys, jungle surrounding, rivers and fully working underground tunnel system.

The Outpost [MP] [3MB] - A pure assault map for Battlefield: Vietnam. Very dark map with thick jungles.

BFV Smoke [7MB] - This map emphasizes the hardships of jungle warfare, expect many surprise attacks! It takes place in a river basin. Most times you will be wading through the water, however its not deep enough to hinder your shooting ability.

Riverside Village [MP] [8MB] - This map is designed as a 'capture and defend' style map for multiplayer conquest mode. The main US and VC bases are not capturable. The Fishing Village along the side of the river is where the action is meant to take place.

Last Night [MP] [10MB] - Throughout the Vietnam war many soldiers carried on with their purpose to server and protect their countries political motives as well as its name. As many went into their last night not knowing what lays ahead... Some kept life at suns light, but many more meet death at Last Light. Laying there alone and cold in the dark waiting for the warm rays of the rising sun.

The Temple [MP] [8MB] - This map is in a similar tradition as Hoh Chi Minn Trail and Cambodian Incursion, with focus on intense infantry action in a water drenched jungle.

Top 6 Battlefield Vietnam Map-Pack #2 Alternatives

River Patrols at Dusk

Rivers and Mountains and VC, oh my!...

Rats Nest BFV Map

Rats Nest is a custom map for Battlefield Vietnam...

BF:Vietnam-Bocage Redux

A Vietnam remake of the Battlefield 1942 map, Bocage, with a...

Cambodian Waterways

A small jungle area with small rivers running through it...

Hamburger Hill

A desent size map with five control points...

Operation Morning Sun

Battlefield: Vietnam map focusing on jungle and city combat...