Airport Tycoon 3 Patch

Here is a retail patch for the third airport empire building installtion to the Airport Tycoon series. See more information for details.

Airport Tycoon 3 by InterActive Vision - retail patch #1

Follow the steps below to properly install the New Airport Tycoon 3 Patch. Don't forget to make sure that Airport Tycoon 3 is fully installed in your PC prior to installing the patch.

Step 1. Download the patch onto your PC desktop or hard drive by clicking the downloadable link.

Step 2. Once download is complete double click the AT3 'Setup Launcher' icon from your desktop or hard-drive and follow the on-screen instructions. (NOTE: Make sure your original Airport Tycoon 3 CD is in your CD ROM drive.)

Step 3. Once installed, Start-up your Airport Tycoon 3 Game. (You may need to re-start your computer.)

This patch fixes a number of the issues that were brought up with Tech Support and the Global Star Software Forum.