Resident Evil: Counterstrike

This is a mod for Half Life: Counter-Strike that is based on...

Resident Evil: Counterstrike

This is a mod for Half Life: Counter-Strike that is based on Resident Evil 3: Mercenaries. Your mission is to rescue the hostages.

Resident Evil: Counterstrike v0.5 Offline Beta


Created by Temp

Animator- Handshakes

Beta tester- -=Chris Redfield=-

metamod- Will Day

enemy models- Manke, mr franswa, bigbadwolf, -rusty-

sounds- DUIguy117

weapon models- frenchy, urbandefenceteam, Cypherion, Bullit, Lonewolf, Shrike and a whole host of the other people

If I've forgotton anyone PM me at and I'll add you in. I've included all the docs for the models I could find.

This mod is based on the RE3: Mercenaries game.



This mod is not compatible with CSv1.6

Copy cstrike folder over existing one. console must be activated, to do this creat a shortcut and add " -console" to the target line. then press the ` button to activate it ingame.

Add this to your config.cfg file in cstrike:

sv_cheats "1"

bind "o" "cam_command 1;cam_idealyaw 0"

bind "p" "firstperson"

then rightclick the file, go to properties and TICK the read-only box. In order to change settings you will have to untick read-only.

This will activate cheats which is necessary for money and for the 3rd person camera. Type impulse 101 to get money. You can get money by rescuing hostages but for the first round the computer will not record your money earned.

To activate 3rd person, type "changelevel XXXX" into the console (XXXX being the level you are currently on, eg. changelevel cs_assault) and whilst it is loading press "o" and you should see the camera change slightly. You can go back to first person at any time by pressing "p".

When you restart a level using "changelevel...." the game will alternate between bosses, Wesker and WeskerCVX.

You can change the damage done+health of enemies in the "monster_skill" file.

I have no idea how mods work online but if you can get this to work online, then go nuts.

Currently the only maps playable are cs_assault (I heavily recommend this map first), cs_milita, cs_siege and de_residentevil. I found the resident evil map on an old site, it's a little basic to say the least but it has quite a few destructable surfaces and a few hidden secrets (Jill Sandwich). See Map CFG section on how to get your own maps spawning zombies.



New weapon models and sounds for practically every gun in the game.

Fight zombies, Umbrella Mercenaries and Wesker.

Face Wesker as a boss in both his forms.

Save hostages from Umbrella.

Explore the Arkley Labs

Bugs+Things for Next Version


Get music working ingame

Seperate mod from CS

Rip menu from RE3:Mercs

Get rid of shotgun for UBCS

Redo Wesker

Fix WeskerCVX's hit box

Redo G36 muzzleflash

Redo Mac10

Redo Wesker sounds

Do the rest of the maps

Get Crimson Heads ingame

Earn money from killing enemies

Change enemy classes so as to have friendly RPD untis fighting with you

A lot of the above can be done with some simple coding (hint, hint).

Map CFGs


You must create a map CFG called "mapname_monster" in the Maps folder, eg. cs_assault_monster. To get the coordinates of where the enemies spawn walk to where you want them to appear on the map and type "status" in the console. It will give you a list of XYZ coordinates (note any "-" signs!). Here are a few examples:

For a zombie:


origin/-734 2583 -202






where he spawns 10 seconds after death, facing at an angle between 0 and 360 degrees



origin/1018 113 -346






where he spawns 40sec after death.

For Wesker:


origin/3202 292 85







spawns 999sec after death, 1in2 times spawns Wesker, and 1in2 times spawns WeskerCVX.

See the existing monster CFGs for more information on the format.

Special thanks to everyone at Renegade's Retreat and reH!

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