Unreal Tournament 3 - Jetpack for UT3

Players are given a jetpack that realistically accelerates...

Unreal Tournament 3 - Jetpack for UT3

Players are given a jetpack that realistically accelerates players upwards for as long as they hold down the jump key. Leaning allows players to accelerate laterally. Works without modifying UT3 classes or interfering with vehicles or other mutators.

Make Something Unreal Submission:


Phase 1: Best Mutator


Phase 1: Best Use of Physics

Jetpack mutator for Unreal Tournament 3

Version : 1.2

Function : gives all players a jetpack for flying around

Mutator Group : JETPACK

Installation : Unzip the zip file with directory structure intact to your My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame folder.

Special Notes :

Works off the player using the normal Jump command (if you check UTInput.ini, any key bound to GBA_Jump will work). Hold down Jump to jet around; release Jump to turn the jetpack off. Double jumping for a quick vertical boost still works.

Leaning is new to version 1.2. It involves holding down the normal movement keys while the jetpack is on. Internally, leaning works by trapping keys/input bound to MoveForward/Backward/StrafeLeft/StrafeRight and the GBA_XXX_Gamepad versions. Holding down a movement key will lean the player that particular direction (relative to the facing direction of the player). The longer the lean direction is maintained, the more the player will accelerate in that direction, up to an upper limit that results in zero vertical gain and much horizontal movement. This trade-off is important to know, as altitude cannot be gained at full lean in any direction. To reset the lean amount, the player must turn the jetpack off (let go of Jump).

Changelog :


- jetpack now has a pickup factory object for mappers to place in their maps

- players can now lean when the jetpack is activated to accelerate laterally at the expensive of vertical acceleration

- updated and improved jetpack mesh


- jetpack now attaches to players properly (like flags)

- jetpack will no longer interfere with swimming physics

- should work for PS3 controllers now


- changed control method to be based on player pressing the Jump key

- should work for PS3 now too

beta 0.8

- fixes handling of driving vehicles and players feigning death

beta 0.7

- initial beta release

Credits :

Programming - Pfhoenix, [email protected]

Jetpack model - bez

Copyright (c) 2007 Martin "Pfhoenix" Actor. Unreal Tournament 3 is Copyright (c) Epic MegaGames. You may distribute the zip archive as a whole however you wish, for as long as the zip archive contains UTDropItAll.ini, DropItAll.u, and this readme file. All other rights are reserved per their respective owners.

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