Europa Universalis III - Terra Nova Mod v12.96

  • Category Real-Time
  • Size 26.1 MB
  • Program by Terra Nova Mod Team

Europa Universalis III - Terra Nova Mod v12.96

This mod changes the whole world dynamic for the game adding dozens of gameplay features and improvements, regular game fixes and balancing, upgraded AI, new maps and cheats. This mods completes the game in make a whole new world to explore.

summary of changes:

-fixed the two new TN CB's.

-minor improvements.

-fixed minor bugs.

-there should be more admirals and generals appearing via event now.

-some cores that were not being removed with events should now be removed.


version 12.95:



-fixed the piracy war CB and sengoku CB.

events\TN Chaos.txt:

-*rebel* sentiment event will no longer spam as much for nations with lots of provinces.

events\TN Colonial.txt:

-vassals will no longer take colonies from thier overlords with the colony treaty events.

events\TN Leaders.txt:

-admiral and general giving events should happen a bit more often.

-admiral and general events will now give admirals and generals very much sooner when you have 99 or 100 tradition.

-admirals will now appear more often depending on how many ports you have.

-generals will now appear more often depending on how many provinces you have.

events\TN Nations.txt:

-added CAT to the core removal list for the spanish creation event.

-added AUV,NEV to the core removal events for France creation event.

-added the remaining Italian minor nations to the core removal events for Italy creation event.

events\TN Ribelanto.txt:

-added some north american tribes to the core removal event.

events\TN Unlucky.txt:

-the player will get the event that removes the Unlucky tag sooner.

-added stability modifiers.


-cleaned up the alpha channel and made the image a bit more opaque.


-fixed a bug with the edited CB's.

localisation\TN CB.csv:

-fixed some text keys.

localisation\TN Events.csv:

-reduced the length of a vanilla event option.

-fixed a vanilla swear word in the EVTOPTB9483 text.

localisation\TN Nations.csv:

-fixed some errors.

localisation\TN System.csv:

-the loosing a province messege now has red text.

-when a nation breaks a trade league with your nation, there is now red text in the messege.