Radix places you on board the USCTS Chanticleer, a spaceship...


Radix places you on board the USCTS Chanticleer, a spaceship dedicated to scientific research... and other, more sinister purposes.

Once upon a time there was a post on the Valve ERC forums that initiated a cooperative single player mapping project. Eventually, that evolved into Project: Quantum Leap, featuring 20 maps by 15 different mappers. Radix was the map I made for this project. It was designed and built as an independent mission, so I have decided to release it as a standalone map.

You assume the role of a yet-to-be-identified character, thrust aboard the Top Secret Research Ship USCTS Chanticleer. Exactly what type of research takes place on the Chanticleer, or if indeed it is even a research ship, is unknown to all but the highest echelon. But you are about to find out first hand what secrets are aboard the Chanticleer, as you set in motion a chain of events the likes of which the post-Black Mesa world has never even imagined.

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