NASCAR Racing 3

NASCAR Racing 3 will feature a total of 28 Winston Cup and...

NASCAR Racing 3

NASCAR Racing 3 will feature a total of 28 Winston Cup and Busch tracks, and 25 Winston Cup drivers and 20 Busch Series drivers! You'll drool over the great 3D graphics as you blast around the track, whether against the agressive AI opponents or with your friends multiplayer!

-High resolution 3D graphics supporting Direct3D and 3dfx Glide @ 800x600 & 1024x768 resolutions, and new effects including dynamic skids, translucent smoke and shadows, shaded groove, specular highlighting.

-Free Internet multiplayer support.

-3D positional sound with DirectSound3D and A3D 2.0, dynamic all-new engine sounds, and separate spotter and crew chief audio.

-Force feedback support.

-Enhanced, aggressive Artificial Intelligence races you harder and smarter.

-Enhanced setup options, including grill tape and sway bar adjustment.

-Full paintkit to customize your own car.

-NASCAR Racing 3 will also include the cars and tracks from the Busch Grand National series.

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