Dead to Rights Cansiter Patch

This patch will fix the Dead to Rights PC tutorial chapter...

  • Category Action
  • Size 39.6 MB
  • Program by Namco

Dead to Rights Cansiter Patch

This patch will fix the Dead to Rights PC tutorial chapter that has issues with a canister bug. This patch will fix that problem.

Dead to Rights Canister Patch - Readme.txt

Thank you for purchasing Dead to Rights!

*** Who is this patch for? ***

This patch updates the North American Retail version of Dead To Rights to fix an issue with a small number of systems,

whereby the tutorial chapter can not be completed. If you do not experience this problem, you do not need to install this


*** Patch Installation ***

To install the patch, simply extract dtrpatch.exe to a temporary folder. Double click on the file to begin installation. If

you have installed the program to a directory other than the default you will need to select the correct installtion


If you experience any further problems, please go to and fill out a support request.

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